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Ajrakh Prints - A saga of romance with elegance

A printing craft that is the epitome of excellence, ajrakh prints have evolved as one of the most elegant choice ever. Ajrakh is a block-printed textile that is resist dyed using natural dyes. With the love of antique craftsmanship back in foray, ajrakh prints have gained a revitalized status. The fashion fraternity has embraced this print like never before and is thus used extensively in making of scarves, stoles, dress materials and sarees.

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In Arabic, Ajrakh means blue or indigo. Distinguished by its color and complex geometric and floral pattern, ajrakh prints are exquisite with an incomparable beauty. A remarkable feature of this style of printing is that on a single fabric, resist printing is combined with other printing and dyeing techniques. Repeated on both sides of the fabric in perfect in perfect cohesion calls for an applaud to celebrate unsurpassed skill.

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The system has undergone a makeover to suit and blend with the recent tastes. Natural dues have given way to use of artificial colors too. The fabric on which ajrakh printing was cotton cloth. Now the craft is being designed on silk and other fabrics as well. What remains unchanged is the perfection of the art and the aesthetic beauty which is truly unmatched.

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At Sujatra we love to explore these age old crafts that probably dates back to the medieval times. We are a culture rich and culture loving group, who love to flaunt the exquisiteness of practices by our ancestors. Hence we have a lot of designer sarees exhibiting the flavour of ajrakh prints in a completely novel style. The handcrafted weaves and prints can be really fusioned into  into contemporary clothing and result, is unbelievably classy. Browse through our range of ajrakh print sarees to see and marvel the flamboyant creations. We know that you wish to keep connected with India's rich textile heritage and you will love our initiative to elevate your ethnic wardrobe to new heights. Drape the stylish sarees we have and add smile to everything you wear. We are sure the combo will work great for you!!    

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