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Bollywood’s Revived obsession with rings and hand harness

Hottest new jewellery which everyone is talking about if not sporting one is hand harness. A happy marriage of bracelet and rings, hand harness is a modified version of haath-phool which is so much a part of bridal jewellery in India. With the makeover of this age-old traditional jewellery, hand harness is the new age love. People love exotic jewellery and their love for new and exciting look has made this a popular piece of wear. From Bollywood to Hollywood, we have seen celebrities flaunting them in various shapes and designs. Since it goes well with both western outfits and ethnic wear, it is fast becoming the most favoured accessory of every woman.

Recently released Alia Bhatt’s Badrinath ki Dulhaniya shows her sporting hand harness and how! The movie poster with Alia in lehenga also shows her flaunting a hand harness in a sleek designs. Various other Bollywood stylish actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit have been seen wearing them on one or other occasion. Even the famous jewellery brand Tiffany’s is believed to showcase an exotic collection of these famous hand pieces.

Available in gold, copper, silver or imitation, they are a huge rage with the current generation. The rings attached with it are also super cool, with a trendy makeover. Huge oversized rings are ‘in’ these days. They are statement pieces which are just enough to hold anyone’s attention. Spiral rings, huge rocks, fancy stones embedded in a metallic finish are all hugely popular these days.

The obsession for everything quirky is the new age mantra. So go with the flow and add on to your jewellery box with this exotic stuff, if you haven’t already. Just make sure to have well manicured hands as you sure do not want to play a spoilsport on that sport. From the team of Sujatra we wish you all to go trendy with the traditional stuff-just like our sarees. Stay cool, stay in touch with us only at Sujatra.

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