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Brilliance of mirror work to shine in!

Have you ever wondered how a little dazzle of mirror work can spruce up a plain apparel into something bright. We all need a little sparkle in our life. Don't we? Let's add some glitter in our apparel too for that extra edge, with the sheen and shine of mirror work. Mirror work reminds of happy times - Navratri dandiyas, wedding dresses, sparkling costumes, et all! Let's incorporate a little of that happiness into our sarees as well. A dash of mirror work cn add a lot of fun and brightness to your wear. Look through the designer sarees at Sujatra which carry a unique blend of traditional craft of mirror work encased in a voguish style.

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Mirror work has been a part of Indian fashion heritage since many centuries. Considered to be brought in the country during the Mughal era from Iran, this art form has been known to garnish fabrics to escalate its beauty. The use of brightly hues threads enhances the look of mirror work. Used to embellish fabrics initially, this craft is now used extensively to curate beautiful bags, footwear, show pieces and home decor.

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At Sujatrawe love to experiment with every style of pattern. A little of blingy taste into saees helps weave a vibrant look altogether. Kutch mirror work is alluring and fabulous. We have used  little of this magical art to give novelty to the designer sarees. Whether it has been used as patch work on a pallu or as border work in sarees, they are all magnificent in their own way. try them to feel the richness of this art in a new look. Infuse brightness into not only your clothes but also in your lives because at Sujatra we believe that a happy woman is a beautiful woman!

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