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Classy Chiffon for an upscale appearance

A woman's love for chiffon sarees is the love that never fades. In fact it keeps escalating with age as one realizes the sheer grace of its drape. A light, airy and translucent fabric, chiffon has a sensuality about it that is unparallel. Remember the Yash Chopra heroines of yester years - Sridevi, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit looking every bit a diva in their unforgettable beautiful chiffons. The beauty of chiffon lies in the fact that the material fallls snugly around the curves of a woman, thus making her look slimmer and hot. What more can you ask for?

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At Sujatra we want to recreate the magic of chiffon in our own unique style. The designers have incorporated new thoughts to outline the enigma of stylish flavour to these sarees. With the temperature soaring, the light and breezy fabric will help you sail through the season, gathering just the right amount of attention. At Sujatra we have kept it simple - chiffon sarees with its raw enticement. Its the simplicity that catches attention - the desire to go for it!

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For the Sujatra chiffon sarees to exude a hint of sensuousness charm, go for designer cut blouses. A halterneck or a sleeveless one will match the grace of the saree well. Wearing a chiffon saree is also considerably easier than managing cotton, silk or other such fabrics. The pleats are easy to gather and do not need to be pressed down for them to set perfectly. So if you are an occasional saree wearer and not confident about how to drape it perfectly, these sarees come to your rescue. Gathering and tucking the pleats is much easier. The pallu when left to fall over the shoulder looks stylish if you have a good designer blouse. Remember if you are wearing a see through pallu, then go for s side zip in your blouse or back buttons.

Chiffon sarees are a good investment for traditional evening wear as well as for a chic smart office purpose. Its the stylizing that makes the difference. With a beautiful assortment of stunning chiffon sarees at Sujatra you don't have to look elsewhere to freshen up your summer wardrobe. Its time to sizzle bright and hot in the dashing beauty of this fabric to show off your taste in style!

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