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Drape your saree in style

Saree wins hands down when it comes to ethnic wear. We all agree with it, don't we? With beautiful sarees in every woman's wardrobe, doesn't it get slightly boring to view the same style everywhere in a party. You wish to look slightly different, isn't it? The best way is to drape your saree differently, in a style that evokes style with sensuous grace. A new draping style each time can keep the look of this nine yard fabric fresh and desirable.

Let us talk of  complete style guide on how to drape your saree in different ways. These styles can make even one single saree look different everytime you don it.

Bengali saree draping style

Synonymous with traditional Bengali style, this is often seen during Durga Puja in Bengali pandals. Enamored with it, our Bollywood celebrities have also endorsed it by going for it. It involves two wide pleats and a large key-ring with keys to hold down the double wrapped pallu. Goes best with short puff-sleeved blouse.

Lehenga saree draping style

Give the regular saree a makeover by wearing it like a lehenga with the help of several pleats tucked around the waist. Experiment with pallu styles according to your wish. Goes best for sarees with embellishments or embroidered motifs.

Mermaid saree draping style 

If you have a svelte figure and wish to flaunt it in style this one is for you. The lower portion of the saree is draped to look more like a skirt and gives a slimming look to the wearer. With heavy border or pallu sarees, try this style to be the center of attraction.

Butterfly saree draping style

This is commonly known as the Bollywood style too. The drape pattern is regular with the difference that the pallu is made very thin when pinned at the shoulders. For those of you who wish to flaunt your midriff or navel or add a bit of sensuality to your wear, go for it. Goes best with light weight chiffon, georgette or net sarees. If you are on the upper side of the weighing scale, its best to avoid this style.

Now that you are armed with so many innovative styles to wear a saree, go on a shopping spree to add to your saree section of your wardrobe. Browse through the exciting styles at Sujatra, for a novel experience of buying only the superlative. Get going, pretty woman! 

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