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Embroidered Saree - The essence of our tradition

An integral element for every saree lover is to have a distinctive appearance with a style that showcases her prediction for nothing but the best. It is the affinity that has inspired saree designers to bedeck an ordinary piece with embroidered patterns to spruce up the overall look. Embroidered sarees have always been a woman's fantasy. The weaving styles and embroidery material could be silk yarn, saree threads, pearls and other assortment of ideas. The imagination pull in these sarees has changed the style business to such an extend, to the point their demand is rising efficiently.

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One of the key factors to using embroidered motifs in a saree is the designers perception of an idea. The way it is used to augment the appearance of the saree speaks a lot about the designers ability to lend it a fantastic look for all style perceptive females to emulate. At Sujatrathe embroidered sarees all conform to suit the essence of Indian ladies. The motifs, as you will see, are all nature inspired to instill in the beauty and positivity they always seem to carry. From floral motifs to sun embroidery to patterns of birds displayed on the saree, they are all a fascination in themselves. 

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One will also enamored of the way they garnish the look of a saree. Used as a border work or in pallu, may be in pleats on the entire saree as patterns, they are all a wonder to behold. With such attractive patterns, you are bound to stand out for the sheer marvel of the weaver's craftsmanship.

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Versatility is the word for sarees in the fashion world. No matter what kind of event or occasion you attend, a beautiful piece of embroidered saree coordinated with the right kind of accessories can make you elegant. They are the perfect amalgam of ethnic styles and modern designs to look good on every silhouette. Explore the varied designs of embroidered sarees we have to suit your taste and style. Drape ethnic with the very best, the very innovative which is none other that at Sujatra.

Ladies, its time to revamp your wardrobe with the interesting collection of hand embroidered sarees we are proud to display. Make use of the technology to order all that you love and get them delivered to your doorstep. Time to romance the richness of ethnic wear to accentuate your grateful self. Get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you!!

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