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Five Colors for Dusky Beauties

When you think of picking clothes for yourself, how do you categorize your selection? I guess body type comes first, but you can't deny the fact that colors follow closely behind. colors play an important role when it comes to style. A saree might be a fabulous one, but it might not match with your skin tone at all. Indian skin tones range from light to dusky. While it is common among Indians to vie for light complexion, dusky beauties are surely a class apart. With the global fashion platform vouching for dusky complexion, women are becoming more comfortable in not-so-fair skin tone. Bipasha Basu, Kajol, Frieda Pinto, Chitrangana, are all stunners in their own way. We are past the time when women wanted to go for skin lightening treatment to look beautiful. The new rage of town is surely dusky allure.

At Sujatrawe want all you beautiful women to make an impression in a gorgeous way. So fret not if you are confused which color would suit you. If you are a dusky one, here we have some awesome color solution for you to get all the wanted attention.

CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS - Blue color saree

Many of you might shy away from this bold shade of blue; but trust me it goes very well with the Indian skin tone. Try this saree to know for yourself. Accessorize it beautifully and highlight  your eye make-up for a grand outcome.

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A light subtle shade of beige or white is alluring in every way. When presented in a way we have done, the saree looks scintillating for all occasion. Try them to feel the magic.

CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS - Green color saree

Whether it is cyan or emerald green, it goes great with Indian skin tone. When combined with few other colors or art work, like this one, it is sure to get compliments galore.

CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS - Maroon color saree

Red is bold for dusky complexion. Maroon is just right for that bright look which accentuates the skin tone. Go for this one as the color combo is as unique as the saree itself.

CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS - Mustard color saree

Mustard yellow goes perfect for all Indian tones. This color is a trend that's taking the fashion scene by storm. Avoid wearing this shade during the day and let it weave its magic on the onlookers at an evening do. 


May 18, 2017


May 18, 2017

Thanx for this suggestions..

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