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Glam sarees for a traditional" Teej- look"

The celebration of maritalhood , the pride of a married woman-  ek chutki sindoor (remember the dramatic entry of Deepika Padukone in Bollywood) ! Jokes apart it is this bliss that is the joy of every married women. Teej is the celebration of this eternal bond between man and wife, the joy of togetherness,  the total state of happiness of a couple.  Can Sujatra be far behind when you celebrate something as immeasurable as your marital bliss. Never!  Hence we have come up with a bright and beautiful saree collection for you to wear on this Teej. Come on ladies,  it's time to bowl  over your husband with your beauty, your grace!
Did you know that fasting can make your body get rid of the toxic materials and hence bring a natural glow on your face. It's true. To enhance that glow and to amplify your beauty to another level, we have this sumptuous collection of sarees. It's time too to give your loved ones- your sisters your mothers your Mother-in-law with these exquisite sarees for another round of joyous faces.
Bringing forth the sarees , we have paid huge attention to the drape effect.  For a slimming look ( in case you are on the upper side of the scale) we have beautiful chanderi fabrics to hug your body well. Add to it the silk pallus or designer borders and you are ready for that fab appeal. Bright hues like yellow and red are not only considered auspicious but they also have a way to make your complexion shine . Royal blues and peach colours have also found their deserved place in our new collection which are just surreal in their beauty. Try them for an experience to cherish and marvel.
Teej is also a time to accessorize your outfit well. So match your sarees with jewellery of your choice. Always remember that the beauty of your personality outshines most. So stay blessed and feel the magic of love that surrounds you.  From the team of Sujatra,  wish all you married folks a very happy Teej and lots more to come. Let love weave it's magic. .......!

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