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Hand Painted Saree - a nine yard canvas

Saree represents our country's strongest and most versatile style staple. With the spotlight on the variance of its versions, the designers are constantly experimenting to present a novelty in its feature. The latest in the league is the splendour of a painter's touch to the elegance of a traditional drape. Yes, we are talking of the evolvement of the sarees to boast of its new rage as a canvas medium. Hand painted sarees is a result of a painters imagination, his vivid display of what masterpiece a human can create with colors.

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Quite in vogue these days, hand painted clothing and accessories add a lot of color and flavor to one's looks. As someone has truly said, "Every painting is a voyage into sacred harbour." Its magical to see how a plain clothing transforms under an artists's brush strokes.

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Among the hand painted items that boast of its exquisiteness, my favorite are hand painted sarees. They elevate the beauty of the clothing to a level that makes it a prized possession to own. Wearing a canvas that portrays the vividness of a painter's imagination is in itself a bold style statement. Hand painted sarees thus recreate the ambiance of spectacular artisan, a scintillating feel and a sure adornment for women who look for style in simplicity.

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These sarees are natural fiber ones among which the most popular are Bengal cotton, Murshidabad silk, Chanderi etc. Painted with themes like floral, scenery, abstract, Mughals and epic - the painters work as per customers choice and demand. Some of these artists also use metallic paints on sarees.

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At Sujatra, we are always in sync with everything trendy and unique. Our designers come up with innovative ideas to feature on sarees. Hand painting on them is done by experts who have a flair with both colors and designs. Browse through them to witness a kind of splendour which is hard to miss. They are aesthetically put, bringing forth the magnificence with a charismatic zeal. Wear them to feel the opulence and richness of its drape. The brilliant motifs are an expression that will truly bowl you over. Go for them to feel the pride of draping a true masterpiece!!  

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