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Indigo is the latest hue to watch out for

The fashion houses are going crazy about Indigo and so are we. A touch of indigo revitalizes the essence of the entire ensemble. Indigo is the color of wisdom and intention. The color palette represents an inner awareness of spirituality and sincere personalities. Color pandits attribute the hue to enhance creativity  and artistic ability. When it denotes such pleasurable stimulation, can we be left far behind. Never! At Sujatrawe have incorporated the use of indigo to promote all that you are and all that you strive to be. What better way to dress out of the blue than go for our indigo induced sarees. See the beauty yourself.

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Someone has rightly said, "Indigo has a purifying, stabilizing, cleansing effect when fear, repression and obsessions have disturbed your mental body." Its not only a shade of blue but a color of life. It has inspired art, fashion and architecture as the "bluest of blues". Fall in love with the mystery and beauty of indigo with the sarees only at Sujatra.

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The blending of this color with contrast ones brings out its beauty with elan. You will love the way we have combined it with bright yellow as much as you will appreciate it with dull grey. the mix and match carries with it an allure that is irresistible. Unfold the magic of indigo with the graceful sarees at Sujatra to represent the power of the sarees; our soul's connection of this color.

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When indigo dye could not be manufactured as a synthetic one, it was naturally harvested from the tiny leaves of a small shrub. Who hasn't read in history about the woes of Indian farmers who were forced to grow indigo to satiate the whims of the British taste. Indigo was then very expensive and rare with a demand that keeps pace with today.

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Envelop your senses in indigo to express its depth and beauty. Let the color inspire you as you explore the richness of this shade. Just as this color can be found in the night sky, just before dawn; may it bring light and infuse happiness in your life and very being. Order from our exclusive collection, pretty ladies and be champion of your life. 

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