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Locked Down in Surat - Our Silk fabric vendor from Bhagalpur

The pain is real but so is hope.!

चलो एक और दिन कट गया, अब बस थोड़े और दिन !

This is the story of our silk vendor Santosh Singh, Son of late Shri Nawal Kishor Singh, the respected and influential Sarpanch of Sultanganj. Due to the lockdown Santosh got stuck in Surat. Like anyone else, Santosh has had his share of ups & downs but this was the great flat that he just hadn’t seen coming.   

Santosh Singh weaving

Day 1 - अरे हम यहाँ फस गए है.. 24 का टिकट था, पर ट्रेन नहीं चल रही, देखते है कुछ इंतज़ाम करके पहुंचते है जल्दी

From Silk City Bhagalpur to Diamond city Surat, Santosh had arrived at the National Silk Expo Surat to exhibit & sell his luxurious silk fabric.  An employee of Bharat Handloom Silk U.S.S.S. Ltd Santosh is a master of silk, with nearly 25 years of experience he genuinely is one of the foremost authorities in his trade. But all his experience couldn’t prepare him for what he was about to face. Santosh’s ticket home was just one day after the Railways stopped trains due to the lockdown.


The advertisement for the exhibition in Surat

The Venue – Maharaja Agrasen Bhawan in Surat

Day 5 – चलो रहने खाने का तो इंतज़ाम हो गया

It was panic, mayhem & chaos  

How do we go back, where do we stay, what do we eat, what do we do & then again how do we go back? After all Santosh had not considered the finances for a hotel bill extending months. But as the dust settled, life started sorting itself out. The dharamshala of Maa Durga temple – Ambika Niketan Mandir opened its doors and the trustees of the temple arranged for food. While the stay needed to be paid for, the food was completely free. Santosh along with a ten more stranded souls were now the permanent occupants of Ambika Niketan Mandir dharamshala.


(Top) Ambika Niketan Mandir on a busy day (Bottom) The dharamshala

Day 10 – ज्यादा परेशान हो..यहां सब ठीक हैबस अपना ख्याल रखियेगा

In a situation like this, time simply refuses to budge & the mind simply refuses to stay put. One can’t help but reflect about the fundamentals – What do we want from life,  how do we get there in life, what is life..etc etc..then suddenly without even realising we jump from life to family. His eldest daughter went to Sundarwati Mahila College in Bhagalpur & topped her class in physics and two sons are still studying. So what happens to their studies?       

His wife says their classes are going on ... what? why?

She meant online classes, these kids are managing schools on their phones now finally using google and youtube for some academic work. Just like here, things are starting to settle down back home as well..

Santosh’s home in Bhagalpur

Day 20 - आप ज्यादा स्ट्रेस मत लीजिये, पैसों का चिंता मत करिए.. जितना हो पाए उतना करिये, ज्यादा बाहर घूमें

Responsible corporate, is it an oxymoron? A lot of stories floating around now a days adds weight to this notion but Bablu bhai the owner of Bharat Handloom Silk U.S.S.S. Ltd seems to be cut from a different cloth. Ten of his employees are stuck at various places. While he can’t do much about getting them back, he has clearly asked them not to worry about money, salary or jobs. From time to time he shares relevant updates but other than that his instructions are clear – not to roam about too much trying to get back home.

Mr. Bablu Bhai, Owner of Bharat Handlooms

Day 38-39-40-41-42-43-44……Corona नहीं Confusion ही मार देगा हमें..! सबर का बाँध टूट रहा है हमारा

Venting out his anger to the haphazard system of imposing a lockdown without any prior hint, he fears it will take a heavy toll on his mental health. Fighting the anxiety all alone in a room with nothing to do all day, an hour seems like a whole year. The dreariness is frightening and so is the eerie apprehension.

He narrated his ordeal of visiting the Collectors Office every day, a walk of four kilometres each way. They then direct him to the police station where they are made to stand in a queue to get a token. They then receive a form which is an application requesting the government to arrange their journey home. Till date he has filled over twenty forms but yet to get any assurance, leave alone a ticket to home.  He booked flight tickets for planes which never flew in companies that did not refund the money as well. He feels jealous of those stranded outside India, as they were flown back home but nothing seems to be happening for him.

Present Day - भगवान् पे भरोसा है, कुछ कुछ तो करेगा

The quiver in his voice as he narrates it all to me fills me with an uncanny unease of uncertainty. It is clear that he expected more from the authorities. The seemingly never-ending lockdown has brought him to his knees and the lack of clarity even now is definitely wearing him down. He worries about the future; he knows if the looms dont start then not only his family but entire Bhagalpur will burn and that will be a time, when even his boss wont’ be able to bail him out.

But somehow, when I asked if there was any message he would like to share, this is what he had to say. “My message to all people stuck away from their families is to have faith in God and also yourself. Lockdown will be lifted sooner or later and we must be prepared to work harder to bring back our business back to its feet. Depression will do no good to you

The pain is real but so is hope, so is generosity, so is compassion, so is friendship & so is the fight.


    Santosh Singh during better days!



    May 13, 2020

    This is the story of many people.All this resulted due to haphazard way of taking lockdown decision.Full sympathy with this sufferer.Pl. keep patience,don’t loose hope.Your family also waiting for you.Every thing will be fine.Pl perform praynayam and meditation. All the very best to you.
    Prakash Sharma Thane Maharashtra.

    May 12, 2020

    This is stark reality, so different what is beamed on idiot box

    Sonam Gupta
    May 10, 2020

    Brings an absolute reality to the current situation. It’s like the rubber has hit the road

    Aniruddha Deshmukh
    May 09, 2020

    sarkar ko kamse kam air chalu karna chahiye taki jo hotal me phase hai o ja sake or sir v sefti hai

    santosh kumar singh

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