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Madhubani Painting Sarees for a class of its own

Art in India is so varied, diversified and distinctive. From ancient murals on walls to vintage craft - they all speak of our rich heritage. As Indians we take pride in our cultural identities which have evolved over the years. No more confined to its place of origin, these art and craft have carved a niche for themselves in the fashion forum too. One such exclusive art is Madhubani painting.

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Madhubani which means Forest of Honey is a small village in the northern part of Bihar. Also known as Mithila art, it dates back to centuries. Some believe the exact time of origination of this art is during Ramayana days when King Janak ordered his kingdom to be decorated at the time of his daughter Sita's marriage. Whatever the origin, the paintings have evolved with an interpretation so divine, that it has captured hearts aplenty. The distinguished style of this art has found way to clothes and apparels. Its being flaunted on sarees now imparting it a touch of elegance and grace.

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At Sujatrawe believe in giving you a feel of everything classy and fabulous. Hence, we have come up with Madhubani painted sarees that portrays the rich Hindu iconography and mythology. Lavish use of vibrant color on fabric that displays it so beautifully, these saree are a must have in your wardrobe. The paintings deal mainly with themes of Gods and Goddess and magical symbols connected with deities. They represent sacred scriptures and also flora and fauna. You cannot help but notice how the vibrant colors are a source of positive energy and how soothing it feels to drape the art of the superlative degree.

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Bring home the magic of these sarees for a cultural fiesta and celebration. Order without delay as these sarees are much sought after. After all being a connoisseur of good art, you cannot resist the temptation to drape them as soon as you can. they are all unique in their own little ways; so you are going to have a tough time in selection in case you don't want to buy them all! Write to us how you feel about Madhubani sarees. We are waiting to hear from you. 

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