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Paint your wardrobe green

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

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I love green because its calming, refreshing, peaceful and denotes greenery and growth. I love green because its the color of nature and nature always wears the colors of spitits. When I see anyone in green, I think they radiate positivity, a kind of hidden charm that glows with their attire. For women across the globe, its a favourite color. Didn’t we love Kate Middleton in her stylish green suits and emerald dresses? Marlyn Monroe, the style icon the world swears by; was in love with green color; so much so that she was buried in her favourite green Pucci dress. Back in our own country, the saree lovers love to flaunt green as it looks great on every skin tone. From parrot green, to moss or forest green, bottle green or cyan green, they are all lovely hues to carry. Bollywood has a crush on green shade, as every heroine has flaunted the richness of a green saree either in reel or in real.

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At Sujatra do we want to be left behind? Never! We walk hand in hand with whats trending and whats in vogue. We curate designer sarees that are all truly in sync with the newest buzzword. The green sarees at Sujatra are an epitome of marvel which has captured the essence of the beauty of the hue. They have all been paired up with contrast colors or fabric to enhance the loveliness of the shade. The use of border work and pallu work in different styles shows off the allure of the saree. The beauty of the green lies in the fact that when paired with any other color, it looks all the more enriching. Doesn’t the green of peacock feather looks even more enchanting with the blue hue encircling it!!That’s the bonus of wearing a green saree – it sure has an advantage over other colors.

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Let the lure of this shade pull you to order ones we have added to our collection at Sujatra. We are sure you will treasure these sarees just like you will treasure the compliments that will go with it. After all beauty has music for those who listen!


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