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Sujatra Saree

Sail through this season in comfy cotton sarees

Simplicity and grace are two words that strike one's mind when one thinks of the style statement offered by cotton sarees. Endearing and composed , cotton sarees exude a remarkable aura around the wearer . When I think of the summer time, I'm instantly reminded of the stiffly starched cotton sarees worn by my mother and grandmother.  Nothing can beat the heat of summer like them and nothing can make you stand out like them. They are incredibly soft and comfortable,  airy and roomy hence a perfect drape in this sweltering heat.
At Sujatra we emphasize on comfort as much as on the fashion statement. Hence we have come up with exquisite cotton sarees that flaunt an unmatched elegance.  The designers have mixed print and motifs embroideries and  hand painting to add glam to these sarees. You will see for yourself how these cottons are totally one of a kind . Pick up some of these gorgeous stuff for yourself which are more than just amazing.
Style these cotton sarees with evergreen blouses sporting trendy buttons, tassels or a bold statement.  A sleeveless crop blouse will go with them as beautifully as will a long blouse with side slits. Only when you wear blouses in an interesting cut, will you know how much makeover they provide to your saree look. Add to it some funky neckpiece and girl! you are ready to sizzle !!
So finally Sujatra sarees have busted your myth that cottons are boring, dreary, dull or only for the elderly. It's the new fashion fad to dress in all kinds of cotton be it handloom , Bengal cotton or any else . The power dressing as they call it, cottons are the most favoured by working women to make an impactful statement. Gear up ladies to explore a new horizon of cotton sarees for you at Sujatra!  Feel the splendour and marvel as you visualise yourself in these lovely sarees. Order now and pamper yourself with the best only at Sujatra!

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