Sujatra Saree

Stuck at home, not at heart...!

Nidhi, Isha, Tania & Sandra are not letting the lockdown blues choke their jovial moods. A Sunday afternoon call is all that takes to lift their spirits up. Here’s a peep into how these gorgeous girls are glamming up their Sunday gala.  


Isha – Coder at Bangalore

Syncing the alarm clock minutes before office timings, the freedom of working from home and the bliss of coding late into the night took her back to hostel days, but little did she know even a paid paradise could burn her out. Monotonous routines & endless Maggi had to yield after all. Bangalore was great, but without friends & shopping it was such a waste.

‘I needed my me-time, & in that instant the thought of a Sunday afternoon hangout with the girls refreshed my otherwise dry day'

  • Dusting -  ✅
  • Eye shadows - ✅
  • Oxidized Necklace - ✅
  • New Top - Pulled out from under the mess called Almirah
  • Missing Friends & Gossip –  Not any More 😊

Nidhi – Student of Architecture in Mumbai

Even on a normal day, Nidhi meticulously plans her activities. Each & every detail is carefully stacked, so that she can effortlessly breeze through her bustling day. Lockdown made her uneasy as there was too little to plan & too less to do. Repeatedly cleaning cupboards & organizing trinkets kept her calm. Until one day Isha called her up for the Sunday afternoon hangout.

  • Dusting – Done twice already!! ✅ ✅
  • Favorite Necklace Set -  ✅
  • Matching Kurti - ✅
  • Organizing her jewelry box & finding Sandra’s earring – Awesome !!!

Sandra – Fashion Designer in Qatar

Working from home - a daily routine. fighting for her label - nothing new, figuring out how to get past the lockdown – Challenge accepted.

Unlike Nidhi, Sandra’s life is not plotted on a graph, instead she thrives on uncertainty. Creativity needs space & the lockdown gave her ample. At times she felt tested & sometimes she just threw her hands up, but Nidhi’s message on the Sunday afternoon hangout just made her day.

  • Dusting – No need to dust in Qatar
  • Accessories – Layered Or Minimal, Matching or Coordinated???
  • Lipstick – Bold
  • Earring – Authentic Long Indian Dangler  
  • Pulling off the ‘Next big thing in fashion’ look -  ✅

Tania – Marketer from Mumbai

Meetings, presentations & client visits – this is what a regular day looks like for Tania, until the lockdown chained her inside. Unsurprisingly her boss didn’t get the memo & inevitably she continued with her client visits via zoom. Lockdown didn’t really change anything in her life. Just like the dreaded infection, her calls & follow-ups kept increasing day by day, until one day Sandra invited her for the Sunday afternoon hangout.

  • Dusting – Who cares!
  • Awesome necklace - ✅
  • Coordinated top - ✅
  • Spicy Client Gossip - Ready
  • Meeting with boss – Not today !!! 

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I m trieng to purche6bt ur site is not working. Pleses help me

Somya Singh

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