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Sujatra Saree

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with traditional fervour

It's the onset of festive season in India.  With Ganesh Chaturthi round the corner,  there is already a frenzy in the air of joy , of celebration,  of preparation.  Also known as Vinayak Chaturthi , this festival is supposed to bring in a happy beginning,  prosperity and obstacle removal.  At Sujatra we wish you a time of happiness,  gaiety and celebration.  When it comes to celebrating traditional dos, the first thought is to go totally ethnic in get up. The designers at Sujatra have come up with exclusive designs for festive purposes where all you need is to pick the saree you like. We have come up with designer blouse pieces which truly accentuates the beauty of the saree.
For the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi,  go for hand painted or kalamkari design sarees . They infuse  a sense of artistic importance which reminds one of age old craftsmanship inherent of Indian culture.  Play with colours and go overboard with jewellery.  A customary nath goes well with the saree preferably work in dhoti skirt style. If you wish to look traditionally modern,  ditch the gold jewellery and opt for more vivacious ones. Those in matching hue of the saree will also go well if they make a bold appearance.
Taking cue from our Bollywood beauties who sure make stunning appearance in puja pandals,  one can opt for chiffon sarees as well instead of going with the traditional silk. The day demands a lot of activities and hence airy roomy fabrics should be kept in mind. Sujatra has therefore come up with designer cotton,  handloom and chanderi sarees to give you just the right amount of comfort and style.
Browse through the unique collection and stand out in super stylish Sujatra sarees.  Wishing you all the very best from the team of Sujatra. Say, Ganpati Bappa Moriya! !

Flaunt the attitude of Pink

Pink is synonymous with femininity, softness and fragility. Yet pink is bold, displays latent courage and fortitude and thus is synonymous with strength. Pink is all that depicts a woman - soft and imaginative yet confident with poise. At Sujatra we celebrate this color which is by far one of the most likable colors voted by women. It exudes a certain aura of its own, glows in its own gleam and imparts a shine to every complexion. Hence it is a favorite among dusky women as well as light complexioned ones. Come explore the magic of pink with us at Sujatra


The magic of pink remains in the fact that every fabric looks great in this shade. At Sujatra we have experimented this color in chanderi, raw silk, tissue and banarasi among others. In every fabric the color has done extreme justice to bring out the beauty with a vision to behold.


Pink sarees seems to be an ongoing trend, with the Bollywood beauties also vouching for this. From baby pink to fuchsia they are all impressive hues to enhance one's beauty with skin tone. Even bridal costumes are doing away with the traditional red and maroons and incorporating shades of pink in their attires. All the more reason for us all to have an impressive pink saree in our wardrobe, isn't it?


Now that you are looking for a trendy piece in this shade of "love is in the air", its time you have a glance at the new collection at SujatraThe pink sarees we have are all unique and enchanting to catch the sight of. Combined with other colors, fabric, prints or patterns they showcase a distinct style of their own. At Sujatra  we extend an assurance of nothing but the best; whether it is in terms of quality, designs, service or the price. Order online to see for yourself. After all someone has truly said, "Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will."

March Ahead with March collection

March is one of the loveliest months of the year. It is one of those months when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold. When it is summer in the light and winter in the shade. It is lively, energetic and daring. At Sujatrawe have reflected these emotions in our March collection of sarees which are all so exotic, so enticing and so truly marvelous. Goodbye winter, welcome spring; is what has inspired our designers to include all that it takes to have a delightful drape of the nine yard fashion. Have a look!


With the onset of spring and summer following up soon, the color palette dominating the season is soothing pastel shades. So we have experimented with a lot of yellow, white, sea green and subtle shades to be in sync with the weather. In order to highlight the exuberance one feels at this time of the year, the colors are all set with exciting contrasts and motifs to give them an interesting makeover. Scintillating hand kalamkari work and other trademark Ikat and batik patterns have ruled the charts. The incorporation of these designs in an entirely novel look is what makes our March collection a vision to behold!



This is also the wedding season for many communities. Bearing that in mind, we have come up with exclusive banarasi work sarees, exhibiting just the kind of look you would love to wear to a wedding function or gift a bride-to-be. The flamboyance of banarasi and zari work saree is drenched in a cool contemporary flavour to give you the best of both worlds - traditionalism with modernity.


Red and white combo of color is considered auspicious and it is also very attractive to look. Our special collection of red and white sarees thrown in with a dash of designers imagination are all unique in flavour. Check them out for office wear as well as formal occasions. There's certainly one to suit every taste bud.

Browse through the newly launched March collection of Sujatra sarees for a mind blowing vision. Ladies, its time to revamp your ethnic wardrobe and give them a chic makeover. These sarees are definitely going to save this purpose to the full. Order soon as these are in limited numbers. Whatever you choose, we are sure it's going to look rocking on you. Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest and be happy with our collection only at Sujatra