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Tips to buy designers sarees online

India is a land of diversities which reflects not only in the number of languages people speak in the nation but also the ways people dress. Each and every region in this great country has their distinct rich culture and style of saree. In recent years, traditional fashion is making a strong comeback. All thanks to contemporary designers who think that keeping up with the traditions is the only way a country can hold on to its heritage and progress at the same time.

That being said, with the advent of the internet and the online shopping craze, one can also do online saree shopping in India these days. Since Indian designers are adding their magic touch to the already available saree variants, it was only a matter of time before the number of saree styles increased in the country by many folds.

If you want to buy designer sarees online India, buckle up as you will be bombarded or rather spoilt with choices. Whether it is traditional saree stores or contemporary entrepreneurs, both are operating online portals in order to make it easier for their patrons who are looking forward to buy women designer saree online.

In case you are feeling a bit lost when it comes to buying sarees online, be sure that you are paying attention to the following tips:

Go for something that suits your preference and style

If you are what you eat is true in terms of efficacy then what is wrong with you are what you wear!? Your attire is all about making you feel confident all the while keeping you cool and comfortable right? If your preference is breezy, easy going garments, it is best that you avoid silk sarees. Instead, invest in high-quality cotton sarees for best results.

It is always a good idea to consider the current trends and shop accordingly

There are some who prefer to keep up with their own unique trends and fashion statement but that won’t give you much traction especially if you are attending an event like your BFF’s marriage! It is best to buy saree whose style is at par with the current trends. Online stores in India are often accompanied with sales support meaning you can call them up and ask for suggestions if you can’t decide which saree style will work best for you.

White Chanderi Saree With Iket Border & Cotton Silk Pallu With Ikat BP

Never ignore the quality of the fabric

It is evident that buying a saree that is trendy and suits your preference is important. What about the quality of the fabric – does it play an important role too? Should you pay attention to that as well? Of course, it does. Indian sarees are known for their otherworldly designs and aesthetic appeal. That being said, if the quality of the fabric is not up to the mark, all will be in vain. Be sure the fabric is of high quality for best results.

Exclusive Hand Painted Kalamakari Saree With Yellow Chanderi Combination


India is one of the fastest growing nations in the world both in terms of economy and infrastructure. Almost all business owners, irrespective of their size and age have adopted online portals in order to survive the long haul. That being said, if you are looking forward to buy women designer saree online, it is best that you adhere to the above-mentioned tips for best results.

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with traditional fervour

It's the onset of festive season in India.  With Ganesh Chaturthi round the corner,  there is already a frenzy in the air of joy , of celebration,  of preparation.  Also known as Vinayak Chaturthi , this festival is supposed to bring in a happy beginning,  prosperity and obstacle removal.  At Sujatra we wish you a time of happiness,  gaiety and celebration.  When it comes to celebrating traditional dos, the first thought is to go totally ethnic in get up. The designers at Sujatra have come up with exclusive designs for festive purposes where all you need is to pick the saree you like. We have come up with designer blouse pieces which truly accentuates the beauty of the saree.
For the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi,  go for hand painted or kalamkari design sarees . They infuse  a sense of artistic importance which reminds one of age old craftsmanship inherent of Indian culture.  Play with colours and go overboard with jewellery.  A customary nath goes well with the saree preferably work in dhoti skirt style. If you wish to look traditionally modern,  ditch the gold jewellery and opt for more vivacious ones. Those in matching hue of the saree will also go well if they make a bold appearance.
Taking cue from our Bollywood beauties who sure make stunning appearance in puja pandals,  one can opt for chiffon sarees as well instead of going with the traditional silk. The day demands a lot of activities and hence airy roomy fabrics should be kept in mind. Sujatra has therefore come up with designer cotton,  handloom and chanderi sarees to give you just the right amount of comfort and style.
Browse through the unique collection and stand out in super stylish Sujatra sarees.  Wishing you all the very best from the team of Sujatra. Say, Ganpati Bappa Moriya! !

Abstract prints for your abstract mood

Anything abstract has an underlying mood to attract attention.  Paintings, designs, clothing patterns have all embraced abstract beauty to encompass a new style in itself. As someone has beautifully said, “Abstract Art is the emancipation of the mind. It is an explosion into unknown areas.” It is something that brings out the creativity, the subtle elements of simplicity and marvel, and the thoughts of the designer - all at the same time.


At Sujatra we know how much you love the modern idea of fun for experimental art. So the designers have brought out abstract prints and woven its magic around the sarees to present something unique.


Just in case you are looking for an abstract print to drape yourself in, you are at the right place.  With lively abstract sarees at Sujatra, we are making an attempt to feed imagination with a world built through the basic sensation of the eyes.



Browse through the eclectic mix of abstract prints adorning the sarees with a catch to match your mood.  The blend of these prints into sarees has been made in a beautiful form so as to create a vision truly sensational.  You will love them for their colour combination and style. It has always been our endeavour to mix style and simplicity.  These sarees are a portrayal of just that and beyond.


An ideal choice to be worn to work place, they have a mystic charm that is so endearing.  With all the ingredients of a mind blowing outfit, do we want to say no to them? Of course not!  Gear up ladies and place in your orders before they are off the shelves!  As you already know we always have limited numbers for a specific design.  Be in touch with the latest and trendy with these sarees.  Order now to make sure you don't miss out on them! Happy shopping, pretty women! !