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Sujatra Saree

Rakshabandhan style - Quirky or classic

A celebration of the wonderful bond between a brother and sister- Rakshabandhan is a special festival for all. The camaraderie, the tie the bliss of this relation can be nothing short of sheer joy. With Rakshabandhan round the corner, it's time we start preparations ahead. Whether you are visiting your brother or he is coming down to your place, the day should be happy, fun filled and joyous jubilation.  With the aroma of traditional cuisines wafting in the air, we don't want to be left behind in donning the traditional attire- the evergreen saree. At Sujatra we love everything traditional- with a twist!  So get ready ladies to shop for this upcoming festival only at Sujatra.


For Rakshabandhan we have a beautiful collection of sarees which are a riot of colours and prints. Mirroring your inner glee and happiness, we have exclusively designed sarees in bold and bright hues. Enchanting mix of madhubani art and kalamkari work done on sarees escalates its beauty to another wave length. Browse through the interesting collection to know more.


Rakshabandhan is also a day to give and receive gifts. What better gift than a Sujatra saree to make your day and that of your loved ones!  So buy in heaps for yourself and your near ones to get the feeling of being draped in something truly marvellous.


The designer sarees are evergreen in taste and make. All the more reason for you to indulge in them as you don't have to worry about it being in or out of fashion. With age old traditional elements like batik work,  hand painting and soft textures like Chanderi, cotton and silk, one doesn't has to think twice about falling in love with them!


Celebrate festivals, celebrate love, celebrate womanhood- because at Sujatra we want you to be full of smiles and laughter. Let your celebration be not confined to any specific day or time. We wish you a year full of celebration and love because we know you deserve nothing short of that. So ladies when u think of sarees and celebration, think of us!! We are just a click away.


Go Green Miss Saawan Queen

Come monsoon and the world turns green!  Lush green meadows, and a thick carpet of green grass! A welcome respite from the summer heat, it speaks of love enchantment,  happiness and gaiety. It's that time of the year when nature and mother earth break into melodious song and a dance to match . This is the Hindi month of Saawan- the month of rain; the month of love and desire. Bollywood movies have epitomized the beauty of this month by singing in praise of it and how it invokes the ambience of love all around.

Saawan brings in cultural events to be celebrated by the women folk all across the country.  Henna dyed palms,"solah sringar" and green attires- you find them all in the Saawan parties organised for and by women wing of most clubs . Do we want to be left behind?  Not when we have lovely green Sujatra sarees to provide a perfect getup for this occasion. So ladies, fret not! If you have a Saawan get together in your ladies club, kitty party or a casual meet,  we are here to take you to the paradise market of green sarees!

A perfect blend of traditional drape with an elegant these sarees will sure earn in a big "wow" ! At Sujatra we love you to dress up- so put on matching accessories and make up. After all this is the month to woo your spouse and how!  Go for matching green bracelets or bangles- it's never OTT when you dress up for Saawan Milan.

Browse through the  variety of choice we have to offer you- Chanderi, handloom,  kota or ones with banarasi work. The designs at Sujatra work with a myriad of motifs and blends to come up with at least one that you would  find what exactly you had in your mind. See for yourself to believe!  Order now before you are too late! We pride in our shipment promptness as much as the sarees we create with just you in mind! Go green Mrs. Saawan Queen!  We are waiting to hear from you!

Indigo is the latest hue to watch out for

The fashion houses are going crazy about Indigo and so are we. A touch of indigo revitalizes the essence of the entire ensemble. Indigo is the color of wisdom and intention. The color palette represents an inner awareness of spirituality and sincere personalities. Color pandits attribute the hue to enhance creativity  and artistic ability. When it denotes such pleasurable stimulation, can we be left far behind. Never! At Sujatrawe have incorporated the use of indigo to promote all that you are and all that you strive to be. What better way to dress out of the blue than go for our indigo induced sarees. See the beauty yourself.

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Someone has rightly said, "Indigo has a purifying, stabilizing, cleansing effect when fear, repression and obsessions have disturbed your mental body." Its not only a shade of blue but a color of life. It has inspired art, fashion and architecture as the "bluest of blues". Fall in love with the mystery and beauty of indigo with the sarees only at Sujatra.

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The blending of this color with contrast ones brings out its beauty with elan. You will love the way we have combined it with bright yellow as much as you will appreciate it with dull grey. the mix and match carries with it an allure that is irresistible. Unfold the magic of indigo with the graceful sarees at Sujatra to represent the power of the sarees; our soul's connection of this color.

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When indigo dye could not be manufactured as a synthetic one, it was naturally harvested from the tiny leaves of a small shrub. Who hasn't read in history about the woes of Indian farmers who were forced to grow indigo to satiate the whims of the British taste. Indigo was then very expensive and rare with a demand that keeps pace with today.

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Envelop your senses in indigo to express its depth and beauty. Let the color inspire you as you explore the richness of this shade. Just as this color can be found in the night sky, just before dawn; may it bring light and infuse happiness in your life and very being. Order from our exclusive collection, pretty ladies and be champion of your life.