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Tribal Art and The Saree – The Gond Way

Revival of an intricate art, Gond print sarees are a delightful innovative touch to happen. Gond art is a form of painting of tribals who are predominantly from Madhya Pradesh. The Gond people have a belief that viewing a good image begets good luck. It’s almost sacred to them; thus they treat their art form with a feeling of respect and reverence. Mostly inspired by myths, legends or natural surroundings, they also showcase abstract concepts like emotions, dreams and imagination.

We at Sujatra, the most sought after online Indian saree store, always endeavor to bring you the most unique pattern of sarees to flaunt. In addition to helping the traditional Gond art for a trendy comeback, we are also committed for a fashionable makeover of your ethnic wardrobe. Browse through our saree for women online collection for an awe inspiring grandeur so typical of us. Choose the right colour options for that perfect Indian bridal sarees.

Another very striking facet of Gond paintings is the use of bright, vivid colours. This adds a dash of vivacity to the look of the saree with an excitement to embrace the best. If you are one of those who love visual depictions (we all, Don’t we?) on apparels, this one is just for you. Global Influences on promoting and showcasing the beauty of tribal art on clothing and accessories have made these even more sought after. It’s definitely a limited collection for those who have an elite offbeat taste for Indian saree dress.

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So ladies, if you wish your clothing to radiate the same happiness as your personality; it’s time to go for these designer sarees to buy online. Feel the extravagance of indulging in nothing but the most remarkable. Showcase your penchant with all things outstanding and distinctive by going for these pretty Indian sarees which are nothing short of excellence. Its time ladies, not only to bring back the craze of the nine yard wonder but also the magical ancient Gond art form which dates back to centuries.

It certainly won’t be an exaggeration to say that one can’t buy happiness but you can definitely buy sarees traditional Indian and that’s kind of the same thing. Get set ladies to flaunt the elegance of saree for an unmatched aura of grace and style. Accessorize it not only with jewellery but also with your smiles, because we at Sujatra believe that the prettiest thing you can wear second only to our sarees, is a smile.

Scintillating Sarees – A must have in your office wardrobe

Are you also one of them who think sarees are solely for parties? I guess then it’s time for a serious makeover of your fashion thought. At Sujatra we think they make for great office wear too! Want to see? Come and explore with us.

The designer collection of sarees we bring you are finely tuned to conform to your idea of an office wear which gives a sturdy message of your personality without compromising on the feminity you wish to flaunt

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Sarees are for the elegant working women showcasing subtlety with fashion and style with simplicity. With women at the top, exhibiting the charismatic magnetism of a saree, we have all the more reason to incorporate its style. Vidya Balan, Chanda Kochchar, not to forget the iconic and dynamic Indira Gandhi have elevated the status of to be THE power dressing. It’s time to embrace clothes which show a woman in love with her heritage but with a modern twist.

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At Sujatra we encourage women to speak with conviction and be an inspiration to all, not only in terms of work but as style ideologies too. So we have come up with exquisite collection of designer sarees with an innovative touch to suit your taste. Ikat, Kalamkari, hand crafted sarees are just timeless beauties synonymous with style and splendour. Incorporate them in your office wardrobe and see the way the world adores this look. Team it with statement accessories to bring out the radiance of the attire. The hue, the texture, the warmth of the drape of a Sujatra saree is exclusive and genuinely stunning. Its time ladies to create an awe inspiring grandeur to your ‘office-look’ for an unmatched aura. Visit our website for a mind blowing vision. Happy shopping, ladies!!