Sujatra Saree – hair style

Sujatra Saree

Reinvent your looks in a saree

With a good number of previous blogs around sarees, we wanted to do one where we could talk about how to look different in a saree! As a saree lover, we are endowed with the responsibility to bring to fore the true spirit of an Indian woman. This lies in embracing our tradition and traditional wear which is something we cannot do without. At the same time we need to unleash the global fashion sense which beckons us to look unique and contemporary. Here are the ways one can take a detour to the changing world of fashion.

A new hair style

This marks a complete makeover of your charming persona. Try out new style or jazz up your hair look in a new color. Streak dyed in an eye popping color looks stunning too. Let your crowning glory add up to the charm you exude in a Sujtara saree.

Defy the rules

Rules are meant to be broken, right? So, no more pairing up your saree in a matching or contrast blouse. Go for anything unique and brazen. The style, the silhouette or the cut of the blouse could be entirely out of the blue. Loose tops, denim blouses or long jackets - experiment with everything.

Hair accessory

Hair accessories are just so "in" today. Anything from traditional gajras, to dramatic maang teekas - let your imagination take a ride. dainty and chic ones could be used too. You could even use a neck chain to twirl around a high bun-a-la-retro style.

A new pallu style

There are so many ways to hold a pallu in style. Ditch the regular 'pinned-on-the-shoulder' look to try bold ones. Wear it in a 'seedha-pallu' style left like a gamcha on one shoulder or drape it like a dupatta a-la Sonam Kapoor style. Bring out the woman in you - in all her glory.

A saree doesn't always mean a 'prim and proper' look, right? So indulge in new styles, and go ahead with an inventive agenda. The only requisite condition is to be yourself - a Sujatra saree lover always

Look Messy to Look Cool

Ever wondered why a disheveled personality looks so magnetic and attractive? Don't we all find the ruffles disarray morning look of the straight out-of-bed type even pleasing. Yes, you guessed it right. This messy, imperfect look is in. It gives one of the sought after edge over the prim and proper lot. A counter culture to correctness and perfection, this hot messy look is the next zingy thing of the GenY to explore and adopt. Time to get in the whirlwind of this new cool culture to show that you have arrived.

Going by the words of Marc Jacobs - "I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect - they are much more interesting. Get set to don the interesting look by putting some unstructured things together. You could go for odd-fitting clothes, faded ripped denims a tad over sized, careless untucked shirts to embrace this serious fashion venture. To add to it, go for street - style accessories, beaded hippie junk jewellery with a simple look to get that messy quotient in an instant. The trick to the look is to look absolutely smashing without trying too hard for it. Give yourself a wild and daring look, which we are sure everyone is going to love. in short, hot mess is the new cool.

Can you believe it? The term 'hot mess' was included in the Oxford Dictionary last year. It referred to someone in obvious disarray or disorganization, while remaining attractive at the same time. So now its official - Go careless for a confident look. Didn't we all love the no-make up look of Alia Bhatt clad in simple T-shirt and pants in the movie Highway. Then there is Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu and also Queen where we all fall in love with her simplicity and grunge look.

Fashion designer Sunnet Verma explains how messy became cool. "The hot mess cult is thriving because of its anti-establishment, non-conformist attitude - its more a life philosophy than a simple look." So rev up your wardrobe and life for an easy casual look to ooze an enigmatic style in splendor. Come to think of it - aren't rockstars always messy and disoriented s far as their physical appearance go. At the same time, aren't they always the heartthrob of the current generation. These successful stars and youth icons have paved the way to this serious fashion tad which we are all too happy to embrace. who doesn't want to be the own self while exuding a style quotient that speaks volumes of one's attitude. So ladies, the next time you are off for a day shopping or hanging out with friends, try this. Wear a splattered bag or a shoe with a simple dress. Tie your hair in a careless bun or a messy plait with streaks of hair flying loose. Go for Bohemian jewellery with minimal make-up.

We are sure you would be viewed as the next devastating 'cool' person who all your peers would love to emulate. Isn't that a coveted status. Go for it and rock the world!!