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Sujatra Saree

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with traditional fervour

It's the onset of festive season in India.  With Ganesh Chaturthi round the corner,  there is already a frenzy in the air of joy , of celebration,  of preparation.  Also known as Vinayak Chaturthi , this festival is supposed to bring in a happy beginning,  prosperity and obstacle removal.  At Sujatra we wish you a time of happiness,  gaiety and celebration.  When it comes to celebrating traditional dos, the first thought is to go totally ethnic in get up. The designers at Sujatra have come up with exclusive designs for festive purposes where all you need is to pick the saree you like. We have come up with designer blouse pieces which truly accentuates the beauty of the saree.
For the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi,  go for hand painted or kalamkari design sarees . They infuse  a sense of artistic importance which reminds one of age old craftsmanship inherent of Indian culture.  Play with colours and go overboard with jewellery.  A customary nath goes well with the saree preferably work in dhoti skirt style. If you wish to look traditionally modern,  ditch the gold jewellery and opt for more vivacious ones. Those in matching hue of the saree will also go well if they make a bold appearance.
Taking cue from our Bollywood beauties who sure make stunning appearance in puja pandals,  one can opt for chiffon sarees as well instead of going with the traditional silk. The day demands a lot of activities and hence airy roomy fabrics should be kept in mind. Sujatra has therefore come up with designer cotton,  handloom and chanderi sarees to give you just the right amount of comfort and style.
Browse through the unique collection and stand out in super stylish Sujatra sarees.  Wishing you all the very best from the team of Sujatra. Say, Ganpati Bappa Moriya! !

Go Green Miss Saawan Queen

Come monsoon and the world turns green!  Lush green meadows, and a thick carpet of green grass! A welcome respite from the summer heat, it speaks of love enchantment,  happiness and gaiety. It's that time of the year when nature and mother earth break into melodious song and a dance to match . This is the Hindi month of Saawan- the month of rain; the month of love and desire. Bollywood movies have epitomized the beauty of this month by singing in praise of it and how it invokes the ambience of love all around.

Saawan brings in cultural events to be celebrated by the women folk all across the country.  Henna dyed palms,"solah sringar" and green attires- you find them all in the Saawan parties organised for and by women wing of most clubs . Do we want to be left behind?  Not when we have lovely green Sujatra sarees to provide a perfect getup for this occasion. So ladies, fret not! If you have a Saawan get together in your ladies club, kitty party or a casual meet,  we are here to take you to the paradise market of green sarees!

A perfect blend of traditional drape with an elegant these sarees will sure earn in a big "wow" ! At Sujatra we love you to dress up- so put on matching accessories and make up. After all this is the month to woo your spouse and how!  Go for matching green bracelets or bangles- it's never OTT when you dress up for Saawan Milan.

Browse through the  variety of choice we have to offer you- Chanderi, handloom,  kota or ones with banarasi work. The designs at Sujatra work with a myriad of motifs and blends to come up with at least one that you would  find what exactly you had in your mind. See for yourself to believe!  Order now before you are too late! We pride in our shipment promptness as much as the sarees we create with just you in mind! Go green Mrs. Saawan Queen!  We are waiting to hear from you!

Mother's Day - Celebration of love and warmth

The most special place in everyone's heart is ruled by ...yes, you guessed it right - mom. A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. No one knows you as well as your mother does; and you know no one as well as you know your mom. It's time to show your love for her, not only by emotion but certain gesture as well. Won't it be a great surprise for her if you get something she will love. Let's plan to see the loveliest smile on this planet on Mother's Day Special - the smile combo of you and your mom.

I am not certain of what your mother will love to receive as a gift. But I know that mothers of any age group love sarees as their best companion. What say!! Won't it be great if you zero in on a lovely saree as unique and as beautiful as your mom. After all she deserves nothing but the very best. A uniquely crafted saree to celebrate the special bond of love and companionship both of you so truly cherish. In case you are confused about what to choose, let's help you out!

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Sujatra has an overwhelming rich taste of exclusive sarees which are all enticing and marvelous. My special recommendation goes for this ever delightful pure chiffon saree with exquisite zardozi work. Its pristine appearance adds to the elegance to the ever graceful persona of your mother. I am sure no woman can say no to this. Safe bet, then, right??

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Another beautiful piece in this raw silk saree with rich hand painted Gond art is a wonder in itself. Isn't this nothing short of excellence, just what would you like to gift to your mother?

Hand painted, batik works and ikat weaving are all part of the exclusive collection at Sujatra . Browse through them and choose the one you think will look best on your mom. With the saree, you could also think of presenting it as a complete package. Your mom is a woman first and then a mother. I am sure like all women, she too loves to accessorize her costume. Fill in her desire of looking cool by giving a pair of trendy earrings to match with the saree. You could also go for a bracelet or bangles as an ethnic wear is just incomplete without it. Now that you have completed the look, don't forget to gift her the perfume she swears by. the fragrance of it is certainly going to get a long way in cementing your love further.

Now where's the delay? You have ideas and you have the best website to choose from. Get set and order for a lovely Mother's Day celebration. Shop for trendy sarees and your mom will surely appreciate your fashion sense and your gesture. After all there's nothing more sincere in this world than mother's love