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All you need to know about silk sarees

Sarees made of silk are an excellent choice among women's who prefer to dress up in a cultural/traditional way. Herein is a perfect guide based on choosing the right silk saree:

The different varieties of sarees in Silk:
Buy pure Silk sarees online for picking the best, from the broad category of silk made sarees available there. Silk sarees have various names and hold specific characters based on their designs and place for its origin. Let’s take a peek/glimpse at some of the most common and wide range of varieties in silk available in the market:

Tussar Silk Sarees
Also known by the name Kosa silk, Tussar silk saree is incredible. It is often cherished, for its flexibility and simplicity at use. Buy pure Silk sarees online in India, they commonly have a thick gold shine and are present in various colourful shades.
This ethnic outfit is outlined and prepared, with a variety of motifs. Tussar silk sarees are fabulous silk sarees arising from the state of Bhagalpur. They are weaved and designed keeping in mind the trends of modern times. These sarees are great to wear on various events, both formal and informal.

Banarsi Silk Sarees
As the name implies, the saree is from Varanasi and is a perfect piece in terms of saree designs are concerned. The finest silk saree is known for its brocade work in colours mainly gold and silver. The vibrant, bright colour and glittering patterns present in them, acts as an apt option to choose for an extraordinary occasion. Banarsi silk sarees use abundant of motifs in it; this is heavily inspired by the designs/craft of the Mughal era. The hand made sarees slightly heavier than the rest of silk sarees available, due to their extensive gold and silver ribbon work.

Paithani Silk Sarees

This silk saree is emerging from a small town, Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The subtle silk saree in its border has square shape patterns while pallu has beautiful motifs in it. They are well-known for its kaleidoscope patterns, which are rooted in the sarees while weaving. 

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
It got its name from a small region in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram/Kanjeevaramsarees are seen as the extraordinary kind of sarees built naturally. The saree is woven with thick silk or golden coloured fibres, it has broad contrasting boundaries. It takes around, 4 to 5-weeks to manufacture a Kanchipuram saree. The body of this saree is made separately from the border and pallu of it, which are fastened later.

How to pick the right saree in Silk:
Picking the correct one, while online saree shopping in India, can be tough, particularly when you have various choices in silk, available. Examine the fabric and accept the one that suits your body form. You may also select a silk saree, depending on its colour. A colour that best complement your skin complexion is appropriate to have.

Recognize the mood for the occasion for which you are buying silk sarees, make sure you select accordingly. Get hold of a bright-coloured silk sarees, or settle for one with elegant patterns on it.

    Stylish dupattas for a regal touch


    A classy top-on to your regular salwar kameez is definitely a stylishly draped dupatta. Our love for ethnic wear has sailed beyond the boundaries of evergreen saree. With consistent demand to explore other horizons too, the makers of Sujatra have come up with fashionable dupattas to transform a plain salwar suit look to epic heights. Let us take you into the world of our new venture which is already showing a knock out sale.


    Designer dupattas are still a new territory to explore by most fashion makers. So when you search for classy dupattas, the options available in market are few and unsatisfactory. It was then that the idea to provide salwar kameez lovers with an elegant drape, occurred to our designers. The texture, the fabric and the use of exotic prints have made the outcome a marvellous one.


    To put it into a versatile use, the colour pallets has been taken extreme care of.  With patterns and motifs adorning these dupattas one can use them over any old color outfit or a printed one. Just enough to give your simple salwar suit a makeover, these are simply a must-have. If you browse through you will find them irresistible in charm and spirit. The weave and finish are just as superior in quantity as the sarees you have been loving so far. So get set ladies to order some from this newest collection of our to brighten up your look.


    Use of kalamkari work, hand painted madhubani , mantra prints, ikat patterns have transformed the meaning of what you see as a regular dupatta. The makeover of this traditional drape has found a new identity with Sujatra. Explore and see for yourself for an enchanting experience!!



    The Evergreen Enamor of Red and White

    Do you know colors speak for themselves? They have an inherent meaning that influence over thought and discussion. Every color carries a symbolic meaning with it that is generally associated with the culture people tend to follow. Red and white is considered an auspicious combo in many sections of Indian society. this combination is also used for wedding attires considering its good charm. Perhaps its the charisma of 'the sacred red' that has led the hue to dominate bridal trousseau wear since the inception of marriage as an institution. The symbol of love, passion and romance is often hailed as an optimistic color in the spectrum of hues. When combined with the pristine white it brings a holistic approach to life, isn't it? Whatever it is, a red and white combo never fails to charm an onlooker.


    At Sujatrawe believe in experimenting with the traditional make to give it a chic makeover. Hence, we have brought forth a red and white combo saree collection with a twist in the tale. Splashes of black in them evokes a novel charm as the blend of three basic colors play riot. Invigorating passion for the ethnic wear, the designers have gone for traditional Ikat and batik prints to add a raw flavour to the saree. The scheme of the sarees are thus, so as to let red do the limelight dance. After all the symbol of dominance and sensuality hold above all. Red is a beautiful color and women with bold personalities will certainly love this collection. If you want to make a distinctive fashion statement, these sarees will do the trick. You will love the intense energy and celebration that goes with this collection.


    The concoction of red and white sarees have imposed the Bollywood beauties too. Remember the red and white net saree worn by Priyanka Chopra which became a style symbol in itself. Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit have all flaunted red and white sarees on occasions and looked their endearing best. time to emulate them and imbibe the richness of this into our ethnic wear. See the marvel it creates and makes you outshine everyone around.


    At Sujatrawe pride in delivering the best - just what you have in mind. Browse through the red and white sarees we have curated for an added element of drama in your wardrobe sphere. Be it a family function, a regular office day or a festival, drape these graceful nine yards of sumptuous excellence. Come, explore the world of fashion with us!!!