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Sujatra Saree

Elegance and Beauty of Indian Sarees

Even though India is on the fast track of becoming a developed nation, Indians still have a special place in their hearts for Indian ethnic wear. It is one of the many reasons why women of all ages still prefer wearing a saree whenever they find it ideal to do so instead of Western attire!

In recent years Indian sarees online shopping trend is on an exponential rise. Thanks to the efforts put forth in the marketing and promotion of Indian sarees by renowned e-stores like Sujatra, various forms of sarees are flooding the online market. This helped in popularizing sarees among Indian women once again.

Some of the recent variations of sarees that are redefining the tastes of women who are planning to buy Indian sarees online in India are as follows:

  • Concept sarees – is seemingly a new generation of sarees that may or may not come pre-draped. It can come with statement-making pallus or in a unique dhoti-form saree with a slit.

    Blue lace saree with embroidered cotton pleats - Sujatra

  • Net sarees – these are the new favourite of the modern woman. This type of sarees is perfect for a date night, wedding parties and high-profile dinners.

    Embroidered lace & black satin combination saree - Sujatra
  • Linen sarees –  Linen is made from flax which is a plant-based fabric. So in case someone is looking for something to wear at a wedding that won’t cause much trouble and will be easy to handle then they should choose this type of saree. Be sure to keep this in mind when you are on your Indian wedding sarees online shopping spree!

    Pure linen saree with hand painted kalamkari border - Sujatra

    Indian Sarees at Weddings, Occasions or Parties

    In recent years, both online/offline saree retailers and saree manufacturers are witnessing an exponential increase in the demand for their goods. It is evident that Indian women are finally bouncing back to this retro-era fashion trend. They are choosing to wear sarees for weddings, parties, and all forms of occasions.

    There are several factors behind this. The primary one is the plethora of options a modern Indian woman has in front of her whenever she is on the internet looking for sarees online to buy!

    For instance –

    In terms of variations in sarees, one can choose anyone from the following types:

    • Ajrakh
    • Bandhej
    • Batik
    • Benarasi
    • Bengal Handloom
    • Dhakai
    • Crepe
    • Chiffon
    • Net
    • Silk and many more.

    Thanks to online shopping sites like Sujatra, the humble saree is back at the forefront of Indian fashion!

    Indian Sarees still in Trend with Modern Transformations

    New-age Indian designers are experimenting with different materials and coming up with new forms of sarees with each passing day. This enables a modern Indian woman to update her closet with sarees with modern transformations.

    Transformations like:

    • Quirky accessories stitched on to the saree’s body
    • Sarees with dhoti-like appearance and slit
    • Sarees that can be draped differently thus breaking the monotony
    • Sarees with extravagant and heavy borders that can easily become the centre of attention at an event – are all working together to secure the place of the humble saree permanently in the Indian fashion scene!


    The humble saree has always played an important role whenever Indian fashion needed to be properly symbolized – whether in the nation or abroad. Truth be told, Indian ethnic wear is a source of inspiration for new-age designers from India and the overseas alike. One of the many reasons why you can witness new-designers making their debuts on the ramp with creations that resemble the humble Indian saree!

    Keep your Closet Updated with Trending Designer Sarees

    Indian women may have come a long way but they still prefer to go for sarees when they are planning to attend an event such as a puja or a wedding. If you are also planning to buy latest saree collection online in India, head on over to renowned online stores like Sujatra.

    Thanks to new-age designers, sarees are getting a new breath of life. No wonder ladies prefer to update their closets with designer sarees instead of Western attire!  Furthermore, the options have also increased.

    Some of them are as follows:

    • Handloom saree - are known for their comfort factor. Support the people who make these sarees by purchasing these sarees from stores ideal for online best designer sarees shopping such as Sujatra.
    • Linen saree - is made from flax. Flax is a type of plant fibre which means these are comfortable to wear and many more!

      Different Types of Designer Sarees

      If you are planning to buy designer sarees online India then you should have the necessary information about the different types of designer sarees you can get your hands on these days!

      Here is a brief rundown:

      • Designer Georgette Saree is known for its lightweight. Georgette fabric is the creation of a French designer Georgette de la Plante who invented the same back in the 20th century!

        Exclusive Embroidered off white georgette saree with zari border - Sujatra

      • Heavy Designer Saree these come with pretty heavily designed borders thus making them ideal party wear!

        Benarasi work tafeta saree with ikat pallu - Sujatra

      • Designer Linen Saree As mentioned in the above sections, linen is a plant-based fabric thus making these sarees pretty comfortable to wear.

        Maroon jute linen mix saree with floral print - Sujatra

      • Designer Net Saree Ideal for parties, after parties, weddings and events.

        Blue semi silk & embroidered net combination saree - Sujatra

      • Designer Floral Sarees bring out the teenager in you with floral printed sarees!

        Off white chanderi saree with exclusive floral hand painting - Sujatra

      How or when to style designer sarees at different occasions and different styles

      Here is a brief rundown of different times, type of events and compatible saree types for your convenience:

      • For daytime events, it is best that you are choosing light-coloured cotton sarees.
      • If you are planning to attend an evening party, event or gathering, it is best to choose printed sarees with lots of shimmers as garnishing! You can also choose sarees with heavy embroidery and lots of zari work.
      • You can always choose silk sarees if you are planning to attend a wedding party.
      • In case you are about to attend a dinner party hosted by your boss where your work friends, as well as your better half, are also invited, it would be best if you chose net sarees.
      • In case you are planning to wear a saree for a road trip or on a vacation, always go for a saree that is made using lightweight material. Avoid sarees with heavy embroidery and borders. Oh! And don’t forget to choose one that comes in a light colour.


      Sarees are synonymous with elegance, style and beauty. All of its variations surely steal the attention of everyone! That stated if you are planning to update your closet with something unique this year then go for designer sarees from renowned e-stores like Sujatra.

    Designer Sarees for Wedding Party that You will Love to Wear

    India is known for its cultural diversity, attire and manners. Technological developments have changed a lot of things in the nation. That said, the one thing that is still unchanged is the undying love felt by Indian women for sarees.

    Weddings are special occasions and sarees seem to go really well with them!

    With the winter season, India witnesses an exponential increase in the number of weddings throughout the country. With that, online stores like Sujatra receive an exponential increase in demand for saree for wedding party.

    One might wonder why and the reason is simple – sarees are culturally rich Indian attire which is why it goes really well with culturally rich events like a wedding!

    Sarees are the perfect attire for both pre and post-wedding events

    Wearing a saree to a wedding is a necessity more than a choice. It is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial which is why one should choose to keep it alive! Whether you are planning to attend pre-wedding or post-wedding parties/events, you should choose the humble saree as your attire.

    That said, back in the day, shopping for sarees was a tough job but thanks to the internet and the tireless efforts of leading companies like Sujatra, you can easily buy designer sarees online by simply clicking, swiping and scrolling!

    Saree is the oldest traditional attire

    As per archaeological findings from the Indus Valley Civilization, the humble saree is the oldest traditional attire there is. No wonder it is still looked upon as the perfect attire for cultural and traditional events like a wedding or a classical dance competition!

    The colour and pattern of a saree have a lot of symbolic meaning attached to it. For instance, you might have noticed every now and then that South Indian sarees have elephants on them. Well, here the elephant symbolizes:
          • Good luck
          • Fertility
          • Wealth and
          • Water.

    It helps in bringing out the beauty and elegance of women

    No matter how modern a woman becomes or how beautiful she looks in a salwar-kameez, lehenga-choli or western attire, her true beauty, elegance and class are only revealed by a saree!

    This traditional wear kept up with the trends!

    The humble saree kept up with the fashion trends that can be seen in the prints, embroideries, colour combination and overall designs of latest designer sarees for wedding party offered by leading online shopping sites like Sujatra.

    Different types of trending sarees to wear at weddings

    • Chiffon saree is already popular with the people living outside of India. It is slowly catching up with the tastes of Indian women as they are welcoming this type with open arms.


      Peach embroidered chiffon saree


    It is evident by now that sarees play an important role in India and its traditional events like weddings. If you are about to attend a relative’s or your BFF’s wedding or you yourself are about to get hitched, be sure to wear a saree and continue the tradition!