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Sujatra Saree

Go Traditional The Ikat way

Ladies, ethnic trends are on a roll! There has been a tremendous rush in the fashion outlets with ethnic enthusiasts looking for unique sarees which bring out the gleaming debonair of her inner self. At Sujatra we explore with new ideas for you to look suave and well dressed in our exclusive sarees. The use of the traditional prints cooked in a dapper style is what turns a saree into stylish piece. Ikat weaving is one such print which has always been popular for their distinct style and unparalleled beauty. If you own one you will know the marvel it creates for the stunning appearance.


Ikat refers to the dyeing technique used to create designs on the fabric. Bundles of yarn are tightly wrapped together and then dyed to create a desired pattern. It is different from other dyeing techniques like batik where the final cloth and not the yarn is dyed. Once it is dyed and dried the weaver lines them on the loom to weave it into cloth. It’s an incredibly complicated process and the beauty of the outcome is well visible. Since ikats are woven on looms, it is easy to say a genuine one, as only this will have the same design on the inside of the fabric as well.

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Ikat continues to be a designer favourite as it finds its way into dresses, skirts, salwar kameez and of course sarees. Ikat sarees are thus a perfect choice to make an effortlessly chic statement. Somehow, whenever I see a woman in a designer ikat saree, I think of her as having an intellectual side to her elite taste. It speaks for the wearer in a language only a fashion enthusiast can understand and admire.

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At Sujatra we believe in designing sarees nothing short of sheer spectacle. The use of ikat prints has been used amazingly in parts of sarees to highlight the beauty of it, to add a sensational element to it. Whether it is on pallu, borders or pleats, they are all synchronized judiciously for a ravishing result. Browse through our range of ikat sarees to epitomize fashion with panache. You will be bowled over by the distinct patterns, styles and chores of colors that lend it an absolutely unique flavor. For all that and more, stay tuned to Sujatra to showcase your penchant for fashionable ethnic clothing.

Celebrate Women's Day with Sujtra

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear (other than Sujatra sarees, of course!) is confidence. On this Women's Day, lets celebrate our entity, our feminism, our strength beauty and everything that comes so naturally to us. We are the real architects of the society - the giver of life and the one who shapes life. It's time we stand back, pause, look at us and cheer - for all the hardships overcome and all the success hard-earned. We deserve to give ourselves a treat on this special day - splurge in having a bit of what we want, to spare some time for us and see how far we have come up with time.


What better way to pamper ourselves than going on a shopping spree - every woman's favorite getaway. No matter what age we fall into, looking beautiful and earning compliments have always delighted us. Its time to delve into the sea of romancing ourselves and sparing some more thoughts to what we wear and what to wear for the next happening do.


If you are an ethnic wear lover, try us. The designer sarees at Sujatra are all designed with passion and ardour to suit every taste. They are all a product of intense and vivid imagination put together by a lot of animated zest. The resultant is a rich flavored saree both comfortable in fabric and eloquent in design. Whether you love light weight chanderi, tissue and cotton fabric or more flamboyant silk, we have one to enamour each of you.


This Women's Day let's pledge to look after ourselves as much as we do to our family. Its important to be in love with oneself to spread it among all you are surrounded with. So the next time you feel like professing love to yourself buy a Sujatra saree. I am sure you are going to love it for everything it pronounces to exhibit your being.

Women's Day is also about celebrating every woman who has been with you through thick on thin. Your friends, sisters, your mother, aunt, grandmother; it could be anyone or everyone. Celebrate womanhood and bask in its glory. Won't it be amazing if you gift these amazing Sujatra sarees to those women who you want to salute, love or acknowledge for being in your life. Do it, feel the the happiness of giving of giving and sharing something as unique as we all are. 

Happy Women's Day, friends!!

Welcome Spring with delightful colors

Nature never goes out of style and so does Sujatra. When its spring, the nature blossoms; blooms into a happy space and spreads joy to everyone who pauses to watch its beauty. At Sujatra we have tried to harness this beauty of nature into the sarees we design for you. Its spring season, so a lot of colors and its brightness should immerse you in glee and envelope you with joy as you drape the gorgeous sarees we have in store for you. Usher in sparkle in your life with our vivacious designs and radiant costumes.


At Sujatra, we love to mix patterns and colors in every saree. Its never the boring, predictable nine yard drape. The bold mingle of splashy colors are just what is required to bring out the effervescence of your mood, just in sync with nature.


So you know with spring comes the desire to look fresh and gorgeous. Thankfully, the heavy woolens are back in trunks and its time to spring back with spring season. So be ready to put on something lighter like chanderi or tissue; brighter like red and greens and cuter like everything on Sujatra!


Try to mix ideas to look fresh and rejuvenated. The key here is to pair the saree with something appropriate to bring out its appeal. A cape is a new innovative idea to match with the grace of a saree. It will be comfortable enough for the slight chill still left in the air in addition to providing a spectacular look. Since Sujatra is all about creativity in its ideas to customize your style. Time to embrace your bubbly side with the scintillating sarees only at Sujatra.

So ladies, stop by and explore the zesty, cheerful collection we have just to suit your amazing taste. As the dawn of spring beckons us all to glow in its lively atmosphere, lets sparkle in the energy and brilliance of customized sarees only at Sujatra.