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Sujatra Saree

Designer Sarees for Wedding Party that You will Love to Wear

India is known for its cultural diversity, attire and manners. Technological developments have changed a lot of things in the nation. That said, the one thing that is still unchanged is the undying love felt by Indian women for sarees.

Weddings are special occasions and sarees seem to go really well with them!

With the winter season, India witnesses an exponential increase in the number of weddings throughout the country. With that, online stores like Sujatra receive an exponential increase in demand for saree for wedding party.

One might wonder why and the reason is simple – sarees are culturally rich Indian attire which is why it goes really well with culturally rich events like a wedding!

Sarees are the perfect attire for both pre and post-wedding events

Wearing a saree to a wedding is a necessity more than a choice. It is a tradition that has been going on since time immemorial which is why one should choose to keep it alive! Whether you are planning to attend pre-wedding or post-wedding parties/events, you should choose the humble saree as your attire.

That said, back in the day, shopping for sarees was a tough job but thanks to the internet and the tireless efforts of leading companies like Sujatra, you can easily buy designer sarees online by simply clicking, swiping and scrolling!

Saree is the oldest traditional attire

As per archaeological findings from the Indus Valley Civilization, the humble saree is the oldest traditional attire there is. No wonder it is still looked upon as the perfect attire for cultural and traditional events like a wedding or a classical dance competition!

The colour and pattern of a saree have a lot of symbolic meaning attached to it. For instance, you might have noticed every now and then that South Indian sarees have elephants on them. Well, here the elephant symbolizes:
      • Good luck
      • Fertility
      • Wealth and
      • Water.

It helps in bringing out the beauty and elegance of women

No matter how modern a woman becomes or how beautiful she looks in a salwar-kameez, lehenga-choli or western attire, her true beauty, elegance and class are only revealed by a saree!

This traditional wear kept up with the trends!

The humble saree kept up with the fashion trends that can be seen in the prints, embroideries, colour combination and overall designs of latest designer sarees for wedding party offered by leading online shopping sites like Sujatra.

Different types of trending sarees to wear at weddings

  • Chiffon saree is already popular with the people living outside of India. It is slowly catching up with the tastes of Indian women as they are welcoming this type with open arms.


    Peach embroidered chiffon saree


It is evident by now that sarees play an important role in India and its traditional events like weddings. If you are about to attend a relative’s or your BFF’s wedding or you yourself are about to get hitched, be sure to wear a saree and continue the tradition!


Latest Designer Sarees Trends you must know about

The humble saree has its origins in India. Indian women share a close connection with sarees. They have been seeing this attire worn by their mothers, sisters, and grandmothers on both special occasions and auspicious events. Furthermore, in some parts of the nation, saree is worn as a daily attire as well.

No matter how modern the Indian woman becomes, when they are planning to attend a wedding or any auspicious event, they will always choose to buy latest designer sarees from leading online stores like Sujatra.

The reason is simple to understand – the humble saree has come a long way from being too bland. In recent years, there are a lot of saree trends to follow and variations you can choose from!

Here is a list of latest designer saree trends. Keep the information shared in the following sections in mind to ensure your shopping experience goes smoothly when you decide to buy latest designer sarees online:

  • Hand-painted Madhubani work Sarees with hand-painted Madhubani work has its origins in Mithila, Bihar. These sarees are exceptional pieces of art and are perfect vessels of the local culture of Mithila. If you are a lover of symmetry then you should pick this one! It would be ideal attire for cultural events and ballroom dinners!

    Intricate hand painted madhubani work with pale pink semi silk saree & ikat border

    Intricate Hand-Painted Madhubani Work with Pale Pink Semi Silk Saree & Ikat Border

  • Printed Border and Blouse Choose sarees that comes with printed borders and blouse pieces – especially the ones that come with handcrafted ones! Sarees with handcrafted borders and blouse pieces are known for their smooth-flowing appearance. In case you are going out with your friends on a corporate dinner, this would be the perfect pick!

    Peach & black chanderi combination saree with pure silk printed & ikat border

    Peach & black chanderi combination saree with pure silk printed & ikat border

  • Go beyond Floral Print Designs Floral printed sarees are okay but they are to cliché! Why not half-and-half floral printed saree? This is in trend these days where the upper portion of the saree will be of a solid colour while the florals will be confined to the bottom of the same. This variation is in trend this festive season!

    Exclusive floral printed organza & orange chanderi combination saree with maharashtrian zari border

    Exclusive Floral Printed Organza & Orange Chanderi Combination Saree with Maharashtrian Zari Border

  • Bandhani Printed Sarees are known for their mirror work otherwise known as ‘gota work’. It has its origins in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is best that you go for this variation of saree in case you are planning to attend a cultural party.

    Georgette bandhani saree with yellow chanderi combination

    Georgette Bandhani Saree with Yellow Chanderi Combination

  • Printed Embroidered Sarees with Borders for Weddings and Parties Printed sarees are a craze – granted but in recent years, the craze for printed sarees with embroidered borders is touching new heights. It is best that you choose a printed saree that has a beautifully designed border in order to ensure that when you wear it on a special occasion, the drape catches all the attention! Base your latest designer sarees online shopping routine on this information!Embroidered lace & black satin combination saree - Sujatra

    Embroidered Lace & Black Satin Combination Saree

  • Benarasi Sarees with Zari Border These sarees have their origins in Varanasi. They are known for their rich golden embroidery. These sarees enjoy the prestige of being the traditional attire of North Indian brides. In recent times, Benarasi saree with zari border is in trend and in case you are about to get hitched yourself, it is best that you choose this one!

    Banarasi work with pure tassar silk saree and blue cotton silk pleats - Sujatra

    Banarasi work border with semi silk combination and blue cotton silk pleats


If any Indian attire is synonymous with elegance, style and beauty then the humble Indian saree and all of its variations surely take the proverbial cake! In case you are looking for an example of a fashion trend that has been going on for hundreds of years then that would be the humble Indian saree!



































A Saree Suggestion for Each Day of Diwali - Sujatra

It is almost that time of the year when you will be busy buying diyas, firecrackers and sweets. Yes, you got that right! We are talking about the 5 days of Diwali. Diwali is not a one day affair. It is celebrated across India as a festival spanning over 5 days. Each day has its own significance. Let’s take a look:

  • Dhan Teras – Day 1
  • Chhoti Diwali (otherwise known as Kali Chaudas) – Day 2
  • Diwali evening – Day 3
  • Bestu Baras (Hindu New Year) – Day 4 and
  • Last but not the least, Bhai Dooj – Day 5

With that being said, have you planned your wardrobe according to the mood and theme of each festive day? If not, then read through the following sections carefully!

Dhanteras – Day 1

Dhanteras is the first day of a 5-day long festival. Dhanteras is also known as Dhanvantri Triodas. It is an auspicious day that celebrates Lord Dhanvantari – the goddess of wealth.

It is considered a good omen to purchase precious metals like gold bars, and jewelry on this day. To dress up for such a bright day of festivity, it is best that you go for either silk or cotton sarees in vibrant colours. Choose a company that offers the latest Diwali collection sarees in their e-store for the best results.

Beige semi silk saree with madhubani printed border & benarasi pallu - Sujatra

Beige Semi Silk Saree With Madhubani Printed Border & Benarasi Pallu

Chhoti Diwali – Day 2

The second day of Diwali festival is one of the most important ones. This is the day when people from all corners of India devote their attention to the worship of Goddess Kali.

You are bound to participate in a lot of havans and naivedyams which means you would need to wear something comfortable. So, it is best that you go for a white or medium-dark coloured kurti.
Exclusive chikan work saree with pink crepe satin pleats & heavy zari border

Exclusive Chikan Work Saree With Pink Crepe Satin Pleats & Heavy Zari Border

Laxmi Puja – Day 3

It is best to go for designer sarees but make sure you are choosing one with a bright shade. To save yourself from the headache of going down to the market and buy a saree from a store, opt for Diwali sarees online from leading e-stores.

Laxmi puja is one of the brightest days of the Hindu year. It would generally consist of meeting up with a lot of people when you are:

  • Decorating your home/neighborhood
  • Catching up with friends and family
  • Celebrate the homecoming of Goddess Laxmi
  • Participate in rituals and
  • Dress your best in order to snap some pictures as a memento!

Saree - Red Chanderi Saree With Ikat And Benarasi Border Combination

Red Chanderi Saree With Ikat & Benarasi Border Combination

Bestu Baras or the day after Diwali – Day 4

A bright coloured saree with large prints and a wide pallu would do just great when it comes to Bestu Baras.

It is the day when officially, the old Hindu year ends and a new one starts. This day of festivity often is celebrated by people all over India by paying a visit to their friends, loved ones and relatives.
Combination of pure tassar silk and black semi silk saree with warli printed pallu & border - Sujatra

Combination Of Pure Tassar Silk & Black Semi Silk Saree With Warli Printed Pallu & Border

Bhai Dooj – Day 5

A simple, light coloured saree or a maroon handloom cotton kurti with block printed ajrakh combination is the perfect attire for Bhai Dooj.

Bhai Dooj is one of the most important festivals, nest to Raksha Bandhan, for siblings. It is more of a celebration of your bond with your little or big brother instead of a tradition.
Exclusive warli embroidered semi silk saree

Exclusive Warli Embroidered Semi Silk Saree


If you follow the tips mentioned in the sections above, rest assured, you will be sorted for this year’s festive week. Get ready to pose for some Instagram and Facebook-worthy shots! Don’t forget to tag the company that made you a diva by selling you some awesome kurtis and sarees!