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Sujatra Saree

Bask in the glory of Saraswati Puja

A beautiful confluence that marks the end of harsh winter and welcomes the onset of spring season is a celebration of Saraswati Puja. Time to pack the heavy woollens and bask in the sunshine of season and spirit. Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, bestows us with the wealth of knowledge and learning; something that we require at all stages of life. Worshiping Her and seeking blessings is not just a religious practice but something which has our heart and soul into it. Let’s celebrate Saraswati Puja with all devotion and traditional ways with Traditional wear Like Kalamkari Cotton, Pure Ikat,Banarasi Saree and begin its preparation well in advance. The day denotes positivity and sunshine in life. It is the season of bloom and colour, sunshine and laughter and yellow colour.

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Beams of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow instills energy and can spark creative thoughts. All of these are synonymous with what the celebration of the Divine Maa Saraswati stands for. Let’s hold fast to the tradition of wearing yellow on this day. Here we bring to you an array of beautiful yellow sarees to choose from, many options like Handloom Saree, Ikat Cotton Saree, Banarasi Silk Saree, Madhubani Sarees.

Yellow Chanderi Saree with hand painted kalamkari pallu

Yellow in its majestic way highlights everything that comes its way. The kalamkari handpainted pallu brings a unique magnificence to the saree. The borders in blue looks just like how the mighty yellow sun shines in the serenity of the blue sky. Pair it with jewellery at Sujatra to bring a trendy touch to your appearance.

Buy Yellow chanderi with ikat pallu and ikat border


A trendy style of wearing yellow, packed with the weave of ikat in all its splendour, this saree carries an everlasting youthful beauty to it. Such is its aura that this saree ten years from now, it will still be as fresh and new as it is today. Matching blouse piece sure adds a lot of graceful element to its look.

Buy Yellow chanderi saree with kutch mirror work and batik print border

The aesthetic beauty of kutch mirror work spreads its charm as border work in combination with batik printed fabric. The shibori work rayon pallu adds an interesting element to this saree giving a peek into the designer’s unique talent to create marvellous. Pair it with huge metallic earrings to finish off the look in style.

Buy Yellow chanderi saree with hand kantha work pallu

Yellow and red make a combination that is both auspicious and pretty. The exclusive kantha work pallu brings about a novelty in the creation of this saree. Apt for the occasion of Saraswati Puja, one can’t help but be besotted by its look.

Floored by the beauty of these sarees!! Well, at Sujatra we design not just sarees, but design ways to bring a smile onto your face, with so many option to buy online your favourite sarees like Kalamkari Sarees Online Shopping, Buy Silk Sarees Online. So, Still thinking about that yellow saree? Then as someone has said, “If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.”

Happy Saraswati Puja!

Designer Sarees difficult to resist

‘Designer’ is the new buzzword of the fashion market. Everyone wants the best, the exclusive and the extraordinary. Gone are the days when women shopped from nearby market for special occasions too. Now everyone endorses the beauty of customized work to avoid duplicacy. Women look for designer stuff because the designs are well thought of. The mix and match of patterns fabric or colors in desired form are available only on designer forums. That is what makes a produce worth buying, isn’t it?


From the desk of Sujatra, we can always put a claim on the designs of our sarees to be unique and exclusive. The well crafted patterns have a touch of novelty and something never seen before. This makes our designer sarees all the more worth buying.


These are a lot of fashion forums who claims to have designer saree but are just a duplicacy of others. When you shop from Sujatra, you can be rest assured of the authenticity of these designs to be the first ever. Its a conscious decision of our designers to showcase a collection that flaunts your figure, rather than be restricted by it. With a toned down sense of style and aesthetic beauty, the designer sarees comes across as most elegant and never over the top. After all your style should never be something that doesn’t resonate with you.


From the team of sujtara we welcome you to our tiny world of ‘sari-bliss’. Come, explore and enjoy the designer saree collection which are sure to enthrall your taste buds. With the wedding season around and also the onset of winter, we urge you to try our silk sarees as classic designer pieces. Visit our site to know more. We are always ready to help you in whichever way required. Come, see and conquer the magic of the scintillating designer sarees only at Sujatra

Get Enchanted by our Wedding Colllections

Shopping is by far the most pleasurable pastime for all women, isn’t it? I guess the sheer anticipation of buying something for yourself makes one’s heart leap in joy.  And when it for a wedding occasion, it makes shopping all the more exciting. Whether it is a friend’s wedding, a daughter’s wedding, a wedding within family or your  own wedding within family or your own wedding, saree is the first choice for all. The regal drape of the nine yard reinvents the dainty look of a woman like none other costume. Sujatra promotes sarees not only because we value our culture but also because we know it brings the best out of any woman.


The designers at Sujatra know how choosy one is while picking up a saree for wedding occasion. After all, you want to be the cynosure of all eyes! So we have a blend of heavy work like zari, brocade and banarsi in a cocktail of comfortable fabric to impart a gorgeous overall appearances. Colour ranging from bright red, dark black, magnificent blue to beige and cream are all available in various patterns and designs. So woman, you are definitely at the right place to shop for sarees.


Wedding occasions have endless family dramas and too many suggestions, right? Being a bride or her close aisle is tough. So when you decide to splurge in shopping, always go for a couple of extra sarees. Sujatra boasts of a lovely collection of wedding sarees to cater to all your whims and fancies. What more, you get a truly exclusive look because we are one of a kind.


Explore the entire range of sarees on Sujatra to get a feel of our perspective on the outlook of this graceful wear. Share it with friends and family, for suggestions and inputs. Let the upcoming wedding occasion unfold loads of joy, happiness and laughter for you and your loved ones. Celebrate the special day with the warmth of being with your close ones and the pleasure of being draped in a Sujatra sarees. Come woman, cherish the expensive!