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Why sarees?

Well, sarees are not only loved all over India but also all over the globe for its versatility factor!
It has its humble origins in the Mesopotamian civilization and since then, the intricate art of draping a saree has been passed down through the generations!

What are designer sarees and why do we have them in our collection!?

People buy latest designer sarees from us most of the time and the reason is pretty simple –
Our efforts to procure the latest range of designer sarees from renowned and upcoming saree designers from all parts of the nation allow our patrons to have access to a vast collection! In case you are planning to buy best designer sarees online, choose Sujatra!
Online best designer sarees shopping is slowly but surely becoming a national as well as a global phenomenon.
Well, designer sarees offer a lady the perfect balance between tradition and trend! It is no wonder why designer sarees online shopping India is popularized by not only fashionistas but also by divas that prefer to stock their wardrobe with ethnic wear that follows fashion trends!
So, what should you look for while you are planning to buy latest designer sarees online?
Well, here is a short checklist,
– Choose sarees that have quality assured fabric.
– While planning to buy women designer saree online from us, choose bright colours. A bright coloured designer saree will assist you in grabbing many sets of eyeballs at a single go!
– While planning to buy designer Sarees Online, always focus on the patterns, prints and the complexity of embroidery.
We have a dedicated team of fashion-forward curators that assist us to update our collection of designer sarees frequently thus allowing our customers to buy latest designer sarees online in India, over and over again!
Choose from our widest range of,
– Colourful
– Embellished
– Printed designer sarees and elevate your ethnic style status to a whole new level!

We offer lots of variations when it comes to sarees!

Our range of sarees consist of the following,

Kalamkari Sarees : Known for their artistic factor! These are handcrafted sarees that have comprehensive hand-painted pieces of design and art on them. We have a huge collection of kalamkari sarees. Do check it out!

Ikat Sarees : Our collection of Ikat sarees are procured from Odisha's traditional artists associated with the art of producing this type of sarees! We have both cotton and silk based ikat sarees. The coloured patterns and the overall texture of our collection of ikat sarees will surely leave you spellbound.

Handloom Sarees : We procure handloom sarees directly from traditional fabricators located in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Which means, the products you see showcased in our e-store are of high-quality!

Banarasi Sarees : One of the most sought-after variations of Indian sarees and for the right reasons! They are known for their silver or gold brocades and fine zari work. These are enchanting, to state the least. These are made using fine-quality silk and are backed with enticing designs! We have a wide range of banarasi sarees so take your pick!

Madhubani Sarees : Known for their magnificent colour patterns! Choose Madhubani sarees to appear scintillating irrespective of the venue or occasion!

Silk Sarees : Known for their ability to represent the traditions and the diversity of India in the most balanced and beautiful manner! Our range of silk sarees is procured from fabricators who are known for their quality products – a result of refined traditional silk saree making techniques, and high-quality raw materials.

Designer Sarees : Versatile, to state the least! This particular range of sarees not only allows a lady to flaunt her natural beauty but also allow her to attend any event with utmost confidence! We have a wide range of designer sarees which we update almost frequently so that you can pick the one that suits your needs, with ease!

Wedding Sarees : Part and parcel of Indian weddings. We offer a wide range of wedding sarees hence a bride-to-be will find the one that would suit her needs when she logs on to our e-store!

Hand Painted Sarees : These are procured from extremely talented but independent artists from Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Our range of hand-painted sarees is popular among our regular customers for its sharp details and impressive colours!

– Linen Sarees : Made from the namesake fabric. Linen is natural and is the derivative of flax yarn/fibre. It is termed as ‘natural’ since the yarn has plant origins. Our range of linen sarees is ideal for the summer season. Hence stock up on these!

Why choose

Sujatra was built on the simple idea of offering sarees and kurtis that stand out from the products offered by other online sellers.
We at Sujatra are one of the leading destinations for online saree shopping in India and for the right reasons! Our range of sarees allows new-age as well as coming-of-age divas to add their own style-spin when it comes to draping.
Furthermore, we have a dedicated jewellery section that also allows a lady, irrespective of her age and physique, to find accessories that would complement her ethnic attire, irrespective of the venue or occasion!
We are very capable when it comes to bringing traditional designs, embroideries and motifs, together and offer them to our patrons both in India and abroad. This particular aspect of our business policy allowed us to become the go-to destination for people who are planning to buy Indian sarees online.
India has a lot of e-stores and it won’t be easy for us to remain in the long run if we were unable to sell products that entice people to ask the wearer where they have bought it!?
Furthermore, we consider our customers as a part of our family.
We are one of the leading online stores in the nation for designer sarees and quality assured kurtis as well as jewellery all thanks to the love and support we got from you since we opened up our e-store!
Shopping at Sujatra is a safe decision as our technical team works tirelessly to make the portal safe for our customers. Whether you are uploading your financial data or your personal details, you can rest assured that your privacy will be maintained by us, at all costs!
It is no wonder that our customers look forward to buy designer sarees online from us!
We tread the extra mile and procure products from renowned and talented designers. Hence, whether you are looking for latest kurtis, sarees or pieces of jewellery, you will get the one that suits your needs at our e-store and that too at affordable rates!
We have a strong business policy that is customer-centric. We prioritize the needs of our customers which we fulfil by addressing your queries in minimal delay!
The popularity of Indian designer sarees, kurtis and pieces of jewellery got a boost in recent years, especially in the younger generation. It is a known fact that fashion trends come back, time and time again, in a cyclic manner. We guessed it and that too in the nick of time!
So, what are you waiting for?
Start browsing our e-store and buy latest collection of sarees online that entices you and your loved ones right away!