Madhubani arts began in the Mithila, a place in Bihar. Some of the primary evidence to the Madhubani painting is seen, in Hindu books and dramas as such as in Ramayana. Quite in fashion these days, Madhubanisarees pictures out the taste of the wearer. Available in a fresh range of colour combination, soft shades of the original form in sarees is also present in Sujatra.

While Madhubani sarees online shopping, one gets to see the added hand painted pallu on Madhubani Saree, which is created underneath their strict observation using modern day technology/technique in Sujatra.

Buy Madhubani Cotton Sarees, the Mithila art on Madhubani painted sarees is an excellent work done by professionals to depict the old part of the culture. Done with fingers, branches, pointy pens and in some with matchsticks, it portrays several styles and features that exist or have existed in nature.

These sarees have various scenes and idols from old stories highlighting their existence in old times. Buy Madhubanisarees online for various cultural and social events like wedding and baby shower.


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