Indian Sarees

A man is known by the company he keeps; a woman is known by the wardrobe she has! Haven’t we all been enamoured with the rich taste of clothes of either a friend or a sister? Haven’t we all wondered where she gets to shop such exquisite stuff from? To update your Indian saree section of the wardrobe for the same wow feeling, your search ends with us at Sujatra. With an enthralling section of mind blowing sarees, it’s time for others to emulate your fashion fad. Our foremost endeavour is to provide premier option of Indian sarees to suit every taste.

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Global passion for sarees

Recent years have witnessed a global fondness for this attire. Even the West seems to be besotted with the charm of a saree. Our cultural heritage is now no more confined to south-east Asia but now romances with every woman who wishes to enjoy the grace of a saree. It gained popularity with Miss India Universe and Miss India World flaunting them on global platform to encourage a new affection of this six yard wonder.


Bollywood alliance with sarees

Bollywood’s fling with saree dates back to its very inception. Remember the ravishing Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Waheeda Rehman clad in sarees looked every bit a diva in their sensuous avtaars. Yash Chopra’s romantic movies showed the female leads in aesthetic chiffon sarees which brought out their beauty to a completely new level. Rekha, Vidya Balan and other Bollywood actors have embraced the wonder of pretty Indian sarees and are seen clad in them for most of the events they appear in. Even though it is an age-old garment, its novelty mesmerises its beauty and pronounces to be the first choice of alpha woman too.

Diversity in fabric and designs

The most remarkable fact about a saree is that one can experiment with texture, design and style of draping it, thus giving certain newness to it each time. From heavy Banarsi Silk to light chiffon, from printed sarees to solid colours, from designer wear to vintage beauty; the saree has it all. No wonder the style of Indian woman saree is eternal. It signifies the poise and grace of a woman yet oozes the oomph in a subtle dignified manner. This is why you will never find a woman who doesn’t take pride in including yet another saree to her wardrobe

Indian saree has been the conventional attire of woman ever since Indus Valley Civilization. It was later glamorised by the royal families with its newly woven fabric and introduction of pearl and zardozi work on it. Yet later, the gota work, gold zari work embellished the fabric satisfying both traditional demands and ingrained love for ornamentation. The female politicians of India and Indian sub-continent wear sarees to exhibit their pride in this piece of Indian clothing. Subsequently, many professionals in India are also found to embrace Indian saree with all their love. Saree is thus, not just a six yard fabric it’s a crowning grace of womanhood exhibition of taste exclusively of the elite and expression of nothing but self-love.