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Nothing can capture the sensuality of a woman as well as a saree does. When it’s woven in traditional silk, the warmth of love and elegance which it exudes takes its beauty several notches higher. One of the oldest known fabrics, silk has its evergreen charm to lure all. A silk saree is not just a piece of garment, it is six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty draped perfect. At Sujatra, we realise your love for the timeless fashion of silk designer sarees. Hence, we present you a plethora of silk sarees online at its very best.

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Various types of Indian Silk sarees

The incomparable variety of designs and colours in silk sarees of India makes it all the more in demand. Known worldwide for its aesthetic beauty and glamour, designer sarees silk are manufactured in different parts of the country in different forms of fabric.

  • Banarasi Saree – Among the most expensive and popular sarees, it is usually made of gold thread and is quite favoured as the bridal saree attire. The motifs on the sarees are distictitive and attractive.
  • Chanderi Silk – Chanderi sarees comes from Madhya Pradesh and is known for being light and very comfortable.
  • Kanjeevaram Sarees – Made in Tamil Nadu, these sarees use golden thread so that it imparts a sheer lustre to the fabric. The motifs and work that go on this fabric will leave you mesmerised and wanting for more of this premium silk.
  • Tussar Silk – Mostly made by tribal people these sarees come majorly in neutral tones such as honey and beige. When combined with a bright colour, it brings out the beauty of the shade with panache.
  • Mysore Silk – Yet another gift from South India, these are cultural manifestations of age-old art.
  • Balucheri Silk – These sarees find their origin in West Bengal and are known for their royal look.
  • Paithani Sarees – These sarees belong to Maharashtra and are famous for their natural patterns that bring out its elegance in style.

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Other than these India boasts of Bhagalpuri silk, Konrad Silk, Thanchoi Silk, raw silk, Muga silk, organza silk, etc. About 97% of silk  sarees of India is produced in five Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

The Evergreen Silk

The awareness of the revival of silk sarees online is ascending, thus resulting in the manufacture of new designs and flavour. The intermingling of traditional and modern creative techniques has bought about a great transformation in the demand of silk sarees of India.

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Silk worn by one and all

Bollywood beauties, our ultimate style icons, endorsing silk designer sarees and flaunting them on various occasions, it is time for us to go back to the roots and seek out India’s rich repository of traditional silk beauties. Make a bold statement with the bold colours and exquisite weaves of nothing less than but the fabric which is unbeatable in glamour – our very own silk sarees traditional Indian.