Sujatra Saree

Sujatra Saree

Latest Ethnic Fashion Trends for Women

It’s always a challenge to keep up with the latest trends of fashion. The real struggle for a fashionista lies in keeping in track with the fast-paced fashion industry. While it’s not always possible to remain updated with a variety of trends, a veteran trend analyzer might able to forecast the possible vogue styles that will be achieved later on.

Evolution of fashion trends

Considering the flow of trends evolving every year, ethnic styles have always maintained their presence from the very get-go. With each year bringing a new range of styles, the ethnic fashion has faced a series of evolution.

The upcoming year won’t be any different as the trends will be going bigger this time. From revisiting the era of traditional Kurtis and sarees to bringing new contemporary flavors, 2019 will be a year fusing retro themes with modern fashion.


Why ethnic wears have been a benchmark in fashion?

As much as the traditional ethnic wears have symbolized the fashion culture of India, it had been an influence over various other genres of fashion. The modern stream of fashion seems to have a slight fondness towards classical tastes while inducing vivacious shades and styles. Also one can’t deny the fact that the magnificent beauty of a woman is well expressed with ethnic wears.

Few combinations of different Sarees and Kurtis that are in vogue

As much as everyone loves to try on western apparels, ethnic Indian threads hold a special love for everyone. The vibrant shades, fused with intricate embroideries, tend to melt the heart with their gorgeous presence. The much-evolved trends are mostly based around the various range of sarees which are quite modified to express a bold and ostentatious essence.


If you are one to have a deep desired love for ethnic sarees, here are some popular trends to follow up on in 2019.

  • Concept Sarees

    The trendiness towards sarees has seemed to generate its new genre termed as concept sarees. The type indulges in various forms of pre-draped shaded sarees with statement pallu or a dhoti style saree bearing a slit. As such people looking to Buy Indian Sarees Online in India has considered concept sarees as their priority.
  • Pastel shaded sarees

    Pastels are the new evolved trend of sarees that are much seen in those designer Sarees Online Shopping India with price. It’s best if you try the ones with the softest shades such as baby blue, eggshell, dove grey or the much-popularized petal pink. The soft pastel flavors are known to impart a romantic feel to the whole outlook of the ethnic wear.
  • Statement Blouses

    While people tend to Shop for Ikat Cotton Sarees, the one aspect that makes them so exquisite are the blouse designs. As much as the sarees can woo anyone with its magnificence charms, the real beauty of fashion lies in blouse. It is why statement blouses have become a much-popularized trend.
  • High Neckline Blouses

    For those having an objection towards off the shoulder types of blouses can go for conservative styles.  At present high necklines are quite the talk of the town and the most sought after while Online saree shopping in India.
  • The Lace and Tulle Influence

    To buy the latest collection of Sarees Online, one should not forget to browse over-embellished lace and tulle as they stand among the top trends of sarees in 2019.  It will be best to pair them up with a matching blouse for achieving that photo-ready look.


The ethnic range of sarees and Kurtis will always be an asset to the fashion industry. While it has passed the test of time, the genre will have its process of evolution and will be carrying over its legacy with new trends.

A brief look into the summer collection sarees from Sujatra

Indian women have a profound fascination with colourful sarees. The traditional wear has always remained among the top criteria of fashion for its expressive beauty. With designers adding their new design has led to the formation of its various categories. Among which the renowned types of Madhubani, Banarasi, Kalamkari, Linen are much sought after by the female masses

Sarees – is not a long-gone fashion trend!

Along with its ability to express ethnic beauty and cultural fashion sarees have its own rich history. Sarees have always been the official fashion wear for women in age-old societies. While fashion had yet to take its presence among the native land, the women communities relied on the outdated trends. Having a rich long history dated from the early historical times, sarees had a profound impact in the modem age of fashion.

Soft printed cotton & off white mul cotton combination pleats saree

Soft printed cotton & off white mul cotton combination pleats saree

The designers of the current generation seem to have a wide knack for the prehistoric times. They try imparting such rich history with elegant and unique designs. The modern trends in designer sarees adopted the traditional beauty while blending it with modern nuances to resemble it with the current era.

Sarees in the modern age

Saree manufacturers experiencing such a huge demand have realized that they won’t go out of business soon. Even in the times of jeans and sleek suits culture, Indian sarees have still retained its desiring aspect among the modern communities. As more and more the fashion is evolving the more its presence is growing among the market.

Grey & black chanderi saree combination with gamcha cotton pallu & border

Grey & black chanderi saree combination with gamcha cotton pallu & border

As several fashion stalls have popped up among the digital community, stores providing such ethnic fashion wear have started establishing their online presence. Hubs providing a wide range of sarees online have gained quite a stroking popularity among the online culture. Due to its plethora of options and convenient services, the fashion domains have gathered quite the publicity inside and outside the digital sector.


Sujatra falls among one such platform that offers colourful designs of sarees based on all types. With the summer set to bring its presence in the following months, Sujatra is all set to bring its latest trends in summer sarees. You can take a peek into their summer wardrobes and keep your very own dress collection up to date by availing their unique attires.  The online collection has delved in all types of taste starting from an exclusive blend of cotton linen printed sarees to new trends in kalamkari, banarasi, etc.

Grey chanderi saree with benarasi border

Grey chanderi saree with benarasi border

About their summer collection

The site with its summer sarees online India sale is bound to get a huge customer for its accommodating price on each exquisite collections. The range varies with type and quality and will settle at most at 4000. The affordable price figure they have listed on their summer collections will make a huge impact on the customers.

Red pure linen saree with exclusive printed border & pallu

Red pure linen saree with exclusive printed border & pallu

And of course who can resist such delightful chanderi silk sarees and that too at a low budget. If you have some time to spare then do take a peek into their wardrobe Sujatra as they will provide all up to date fashions of sarees. 


If you want to Buy Latest Saree Collection Online in India then Sujatra is your best bet. With best designers offering quality with splendour the platform is the perfect spot for you to Buy designer Sarees Online.